I don't like going out, i have no friends and don't want to kill myself?

I don't like going out, i have no friends and don't want to kill myself? Topic: How to write an email giving advice to a friend
May 23, 2019 / By Annice
Question: I like to be by myself so don't mind the fact that i have no friends. I would like to be an artist but can't draw and don't know if there is any money in it, i don't like my life very much it has been **** overall but don't want to kill myself although i do think about it sometimes. I know my life is not as bad as some other people but some help would be appreciated thanks.
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Xan Xan | 1 day ago
very understanding , i use to be that way actually. well there isn't anything wrong in not wanting to go out ( i don't and yet majority of the population loves it) and having no friends can be some what problematic because then you have anyone to really talk to, but its understanding, i'm the type of person that isn't friends with much of anyone just because i don't like fake people, but its nice to have a close friend every now and again being able to talk to someone or even just hangout at your house with is nice every now and again.and well there are different kinds of art such as photography which is fun especially if you do film, painting which now a days you can draw a line on a blank canvas and that's considered art, you can also write poetry or even dance all of those categories are a form of art even ceramics its a nice relaxing thing, also a stress reliever. but all in all its your decision, and not enjoying your life so far isn't always bad, majority of people don't especially if your younger, its just how things usually are, but once your an adult your able to be on your own and move out and explore your interests more and if you'd like you can email me :) i like to listen and give advance something that i don't mind even if your a complete stranger and i wont give you the whole bible talk or tell you that your a bad person or even tell you that you must be crazy, i'll give you just honest advice not based on someone else's perception, my email is [email protected] just let me know your first name and i'll be sure to save your contact, :) good luck i hope my advice was at least somewhat helpful.
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Xan Originally Answered: I have Aspergers Syndrome, No friends And So Many Burdens. I want to kill myself?
Aww, hon. It's perfectly fine to wait for kids until you are emotionally healthy. Nobody MAKES anybody mad, you know. He chooses to handle things he doesn't approve of with anger, and his anger is not your fault. There are people in this world who would not get angry over the things he is angry about, no matter how bad they are. He's using his anger to try and control the world, which damages you AND damages him also. Can you improve how you handle life? Yes. Everyone is always growing and nobody is ever ahead of where they are now. Even your husband has some areas where he seriously needs to grow, right? So does your family, if they've been so foolish as to repeatedly tell you something so awful and one-sided. So what if you're different from them! It's a good thing not to be like someone who says cruel words that cut the heart. Choose one thing you to change in your life ... secretly. Find an online group with other people who are working on it, too. Maybe writing books, crafts, exercise, style, cleaning, or health. Start doing a lot of research about all the different ways you might move forward in that area. Think about which ones suit you best. Try different things, and if one idea doesn't work, try another. Call it Life Research. You have the rest of your life to sample new habits and try new activities, and some of what you try will become a long-term part of your life. Don't let other people tell you who you are. They are wrong to do so. You are an intricate, amazing person with all sorts of skills and character traits that you haven't even begun to explore, and the people around you have done the worst thing possible by telling you lies and preventing you from moving forward in the process of discovery. The nice thing is, you can just go ahead and move forward without their permission. They don't own you. They didn't design you. And they can't prevent you from finding out what you are capable of. Only you can prevent it by giving up. What you do not try will never succeed. :) What you do try may fail, but you can learn and grow even through failure. Make food YOU will like. Your husband will just have to live with it, and at least you'll be cooking. Stop quoting people who don't care about you. They are wrong because they don't care enough to know you and look for the best in you. Since you believe in God, remember that a whole lot of people have been damaging his reputation for years, so stop thinking of him as some uncaring being who sometimes does what we ask if we're just nice enough to manipulate him into doing it. He keeps everyone alive and gives good things even to the people who act hatefully, and allows bad things to happen to really nice people, too. Everything is useful for growth, both good and bad, you know? Seeds take root in decomposed death (the ground) to create new life. Water, warmth, and light come as they will ... and the seed breaks apart before it grows and never realizes what it will become. HE says that you are beautiful and that he designed you way back at the beginning of time just so you could live now, he even prepared a special life for you if you're willing to discover it. God knows everything about you, all the way down to your cell structure and mental waves, and he loves you exactly as you are. He also helps you find your way forward, like a seed that grows into an amazing tree or flower. See if you can find a mentor or a counselor to help and encourage you along the way. Call suicide hotlines when death is on your mind. It really helps to talk to someone, and that is what they are there for. I hope you find out what type of flower you are over the next few years. I bet it's going to be amazing!

Sheamus Sheamus
We have something in common. Isolation and Artist-ism. I love being by myself although I do have friends but I don't appreciate them very much. I also love drawing I am pretty good at it, ( yes there is money in it -- depending on what you wanna do. e.g. Tattoo artist, a Realistic Artist, etc. ) I don't feel like killing myself either but I imagine myself doing it. It might be a good idea to become friends with yourself and then meet someone and gain high trust with them. Maybe you can just talk.
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Noah Noah
You're probably just someone who likes to be alone! If you find yourself bored often you should try new things like... Being an artist! Just go get some paints and some canvas, (They're relatively inexpensive) and start doing what you want to do! Don't let your own personality and preferences interfere with your well-being. You can express al of your feelings about life by doing this. I hope this helps a little bit!
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Kortney Kortney
I know this might sound trite, but to have friends, you need to be a friend. If you don't like yourself, you need to better yourself. You can't pick a paintbrush and started making a masterpiece if you haven't put your work in to practice. Do what you need to do to be a better person.
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Innes Innes
Sweetie, Jesus loves you so much that He died to save you! Even if you were the only person on this earth! He paid an incredibly high price for you, so don't take the life that belongs to Him! Please google these songs by your side-tenth avenue north beloved-tenth avenue north praise you in this storm-casting crowns email me please! I love to talk!
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Innes Originally Answered: If only my friends can see all of my profile information (except friends of friends can see photos), then.?
That's a dilema! It sounds to me that you ARE friends. Whoever this person was, they DID accept your friend request but there is a loophole in the programming that isn't giving you a notification, picture on friend list, and giving you news feed status updates. Try ignoring this friend request and resending it, that might fix the problem. Or restart facebook (if that's possible). That seems like the only logical solution to me or this person might be hacking your profile. Now I don't know who you are talking about but I have heard of people who hack facebook (for fun) and others that use programs found online to see status' and other stuff. I'm not the best hacker in the world but I know enough about computers that I could probably hack your profile. I'm NOT going to or ever going to but the point that I am trying to make is someone with some computer skills and Internet could find a way on I'm 90% sure this isn't the case, that you weren't hacked I hope you get the problem solved

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