What Should I Put In My Bunny Cage?

What Should I Put In My Bunny Cage? Topic: What to put in a business plan
June 24, 2019 / By Avery
Question: So, i've been wanting bunnies for a long time and might be getting some soon. I found plans for a c&c cage but modified it, this is most likely the plan im going to use.( http://i.imgur.com/J3RPy.png ). I know the waterer and pellet, dish, litter box, toys, and hay rack. But for the hiddy house should i put Care Fresh Ultra or fleece. I read that if you put Care Fresh and a litter box, the bunnies will be confused on where to do their "business". So, what do you think?
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Vivian Vivian | 3 days ago
Don't know where you found that plan, but that is great! I would avoid using carefresh in the hidey house. In fact, until bunny is litter trained, I would keep a solid floor in the hidey house. Once he's trained, then go ahead and use the fleece. Otherwise it may be just too tempting for him to "go" in the hidey house. Then you'll be forced to put a litter box there.
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Rabbits are notoriously picky about their washroom facilities. It might smelly funny to her so she becomes suspicious. Really clean the cage very well and then try litter box training her. Put a small, low sided litter pan of some kind in the corner where she used to go and put some of her pellets, and if you have some, a bit of paper with her urine on it, in the box. Put some of her hay in the litter pan too. This will give her the hint to go there as you have created a premium condition for her picking that spot. Remember they like a clean cage. Clean, clean, clean.
Vivian Originally Answered: What should I do if my bunny won't pee/poo in its cage?
hi. I even have owned the two. Guinea pigs, are by way of a techniques the extra desirable determination in my opinion. keep in mind, that stunning little bunny grows up right into a extensive rabbit! If angered or scared, they use their lower back feet to scratch you, too. in all equity, although, you may have a satisfied, content fabric rabbit which will follow you around like a domestic dog and be like a lap canines. A guinea pig will squeal once you return homestead, annoying your interest and could bond with you rapidly. the two want a number of of interest and timothy hay in any respect circumstances. the two want distinctive vegetables to function to their pellet diets. do no longer provide lettuce, as this motives diarrhea and has no dietary value. additionally, please don't get a male rabbit. They pee on the wall top by way of their cage while they're an grownup and that's disgusting and robust smelling. I found out the annoying way. the two require cleansing the cage two times each and every week using fact the two poo lots! A rabbit is far less difficult to potty prepare, although. It nevertheless takes a ton of staying power. lower back, my determination is a g. pig. Yours may be the softness of the bunny/rabbit. I want you the final on your quest for a sparkling puppy, exhilaration
Vivian Originally Answered: What should I do if my bunny won't pee/poo in its cage?
2 - 4 times a day get her litter box and place it on the floor outside and DON"T LET HER OUT FROM HER LITTER BOX! If she does it does it in the Box praise her and give her a treat then place the box back into the cage and repeat until she does it in the box. BE PATIENT because she is new to the box my dog toke 2 months to be trained to sit!

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The male was mating and you likely got yourself a pregnant female rabbit if he mated at least twice! One mating will release the eggs in the female the 2nd will allow the male rabbit to fertilise the female egge What you mum is teaching you is total irresponsible! Why shouldn't I breed my rabbit? First, take a look at our "unwanted rabbit" statistics for the past 3 years, including the number we were able to save. The rabbits we were unable to save are rabbits who most likely died because there were not enough homes for all of them. Unwanted rabbits come in all colors, ages and breeds. They come in friendly temperaments and not so friendly temperaments. Aprox. 75% of the calls we get from people wanting to turn over their rabbits have rabbits between 9 months and 18 months of age. These rabbits are still very young, too young to be unwanted. Too young to die simply because there are not enough good homes for all of them. Too young to die because their owners didn't properly research what living with a rabbit is really like. What happens to rabbits when there are not enough homes for them? Some of these unwanted rabbits are killed for snake or people food are euthanized at animal shelters are dumped in residential neighborhoods where they are chased by children; poisoned by angry neighbors; hit by cars; attacked by dogs; etc... are dumped in the woods or at "bunny colony sites" where they starve to death; die from dehydration, injuries or illness; are eaten by wild animals; are attacked by other rabbits; etc... are bred on a whim creating more unwanted rabbits are passed from home to home, forgotten and unloved, becoming increasingly more depressed and anti-social, being fed improper diets, having their illnesses left untreated because no one wants to spend money on "that animal", finally dying and being released at last from a life that was miserable. There are reasons to breed, very valid ones such as breeding because you want to better a particular breed. If you are going to breed to make money, don't waste your time. Reputable breeders are not getting rich, just ask one how much money they made last year after expenses. Breeding is done because of a love of the breed, not for profit. Reputable breeders are doing their homework and are not breeding simply to create more rabbits. They breed carefully and with a plan in mind. You should not breed rabbits from a pet store or from a person who allowed their mixed breed rabbits have young. Quality rabbits come with a pedigree, were you given one? Have you researched the genetics of the parent's colors so you are going to get "showable" colors? Excellent quality rabbits cost money and can take time to find, can you spend the money and time? Have you researched your area so that you know that the breed you are considering is one that owners in your area actually are interested in? Are you willing to spay or neuter any pet quality rabbits or rabbits with genetic problems before selling so they do not reproduce? How will you place these rabbits, what does it cost to advertise, are you set up to keep any babies that don't sell, etc...? (A pet store should not be an option in 99.9% of the cases!) Breeding rabbits means providing proper housing. Even if you only have two rabbits, and want just one litter, you need 4 cages. One cage for the mother, one for the father, and two cages to separate the babies by sex. Any baby rabbit who does not find a home by 12 weeks old will need their own cage or will need to be altered to prevent fighting with their siblings. A female can have 1-12 babies, average around 3-7 depending on the breed of rabbit. If you needed to do so, can you house up to 10 babies? Not just for short term, think long term, you might not be able to find homes for these babies easily, so be prepared. If you aren't prepared for the responsibility of any of this, you are part of the problem, even if you allow your rabbit to have just "one litter". YOU are responsible for the feeding, housing, vet care, socialization, etc, of EVERY single rabbit you create through breeding. Can you live with that? Can you afford that? Do you have the time for that? Think about it before you breed. Too often we get calls from people who put two bunnies together and now can't find homes for the babies and can't afford to house the teenagers. (Or worse, don't separate the teens so now THEY had babies also. In 2005, we got a phone call from someone with 30 rabbits just because of this.) Don't become a "bad breeder", one who breeds without a well thought out plan ahead of time.
Vivian Originally Answered: What does it mean when a male bunny is on top of a female bunny and his tail is vibrating like crazy?
Is it not obvious that they were mating. I sure hope one was de-sexed, or you'll have tons of baby bunnies to care for, pay for, and find good homes for.
Vivian Originally Answered: What does it mean when a male bunny is on top of a female bunny and his tail is vibrating like crazy?
They mated. There are a lot of homeless rabbits out there being put to sleep from lack of homes. Do not breed your rabbits..

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