People of China, how much freedom are you willing to give up?

People of China, how much freedom are you willing to give up? Topic: All about china research
July 16, 2019 / By Madai
Question: I've been doing on and off research about China for a year or so now and what I'm seeing is the slow decreasing rate of various freedoms. The living standards are getting worse and pollution is higher than it ever has been. I'm scared for the Chinese people that their government is only concerned about staying in power and not meeting the needs of their citizens. So, how much more freedom are the Chinese people willing to give up until they are nothing more than robots? Are you going to do something about it? The free world will aid you. Please stop listening to their propaganda.
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Jehonathan Jehonathan | 4 days ago
well, it's not easy. Even if they want freedom... you need alot of support. But no one will... because everyone has alot of important things to worry about.. like food and having a roof to live. And if they rebel... they gonna get in trouble.. which could possibly lead to death.. Anyways, China is poor... people's 1 year wage, is probably my 1 month wage. which is very unfair, considering China is very rich now. But what can u do? .. the goverment is bigger. U can't really do anything... there is no voting system or freedom of speech. This is just like North Korea... everyone is poor.... but can they do something about it??... NO! No matter how bad their live is... it's jsut a sad world.. But anyways... just like others has said, China is developing ... slowly but it's working. They used to be very mighty poor... but look what happened 10 yr's later - top 3 most richest country in the world. There are still some bad things happening in China, but isn't all goverment the same?? ... Your taxed money is being used for making military weapon... have u ever thought of that? .. because it's true. All goverment are bad... but u just got to live your life the best u can. I understand China has strict rules, but it's cause of big population... If someone commits serious crime the punishment is death... but that is to scare them and so they won't dare too and also ... there wouldn't be room for alot of prison to be built.
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Jehonathan Originally Answered: If China is such a great country, why doesnt it give more money to its people to live better lives?
They are, but they are not giving it, they are providing more opportunities for the people then anytime in their history. What you know of China and its history would fit in a thimble. What you have done is the same assumption driven rant that I have seen a few hundred times here and a thousand times on the net. Ponder this for a while, then get back to me. China is not communist nor is it socialistic. It is also often referred to as totalitarian and a dictatorship. Both are equally as wrong too. Communism: is a the opposite of capitalism so therefore it is impossible they are communistic. The first people who were allowed to use limited capitalism were the farmers back in the 50's because of the failure of collective farming. The whole country is one huge capitalistic machine now. Socialistic: means the state controls all production, manufacturing and business. That is impossible as well since individuals own businesses and those state run businesses are a mixture of state and private working side by side. Currently today, less then 20% is state owned. 30 years ago it was 100%. Example, their oil industry is a mix of private and state working together and their cost per gallon of gas is $2.25. There are no taxes added, all the revenue and profits are done before that with both private and state profiting. The USA could do that same, but we'd rather pay $1 more per gallon then allow any kind of socialism to creep into our economy. Our socialism is through war for oil while ignoring what the people really need. Totalitarian: means the state controls all aspects of life. That is simply not the case as individuals are free to seek new employment, open businesses, travel at will, immigrate, buy homes, become rich, buy any consumer product they want without permission, in short, do just about anything the people in the west take for granted. Dictatorship: They have an election system in place that is at the province level. Those elected officials, who are elected by the people, are then sent to Beijing to represent the people there and those people elect the president, much like many government systems in the world, like Britain. One party rule: True, but in recent years the government is encouraging people from outside the party to become involved in government and politics. They can also hold high office, something that was unheard of a few years ago. China understands that it needs new blood in its system in order to survive and do the will of the people otherwise China will stagnate. What type of government does China have? At this point, it is hard to say, because it is a mixture of democratic ideals, federalism, socialism, and authoritarian. From what I can see, and how China likes change slowly, that it is slowly morphing into a democratic federal republic, much like the USA has now. But at their own pace, not the instant change that the west demands of China. China is smart enough to know that instant change can have social and political repercussions and its best to take it slowly as to not wake the angry dragon of discontent and descent. Source: My experience, living here as an ex pat from the USA My web site. http://www.pbase.com/sailingjim http://www.china.org.cn and see how their system works. Use their search engine and put in the words democracy, then communism, then socialism. You'll probably be surprised at the results you get. Keep in mind, the people read the same things you will read there. =============== Looking at the China bashing pragmatically instead of with a blind eye like so many do. The Amnesty International types of organizations depend on donations to survive. Therefore, they have a vested interest to believe one side of the story while ignoring the other side to keep up the hate and the money coming in. Therefore, what should be done is we need to look into the lifestyle of the CEO's of these organizations, what percentage of donations goes into education vs administrative, salaries, etc. What I find disingenuous with so many people is they will selectively believe these organizations on issues they want to believe, while condemning them on issues they don't want to believe. Much of the information comes from people who have a ax to grind, or the information is collected from 3rd and 4th parties. Remember, we went to war in Iraq, in part, because of the word of ex pats who made claims that have since been disproved, even outright lies. I live here in China as an ex pat from the USA and teach in a college. I expected to meet dissidents, and to date, I have not met one. The people in China seem to be very apathetic and it took me a long time to figure out why. It's because they have more freedom then anytime in their history and they are grateful for that. The biggest complaint I have heard about the government from students is they don't spend enough on education. A final thing to ponder is Tianamen Square. Few in the states know why it started. It was because the government cut back on college spending and the students were upset. It morphed into a democracy movement and the crowds were huge only because the people were curious. The reason the movement was brutally crushed (I do not support that) is because with world wide attention, plus it was all over the Chinese news that the government appeared to be weak and could possibly be overthrown. The aftermath of that, is anyones guess what they would have ended up with. We are now seeing what instant change has done in two countries that we have gone to war with that never had democracy before and have a long history of human rights abuses. ====== They have a very stable society and government. Foreign companies are not afraid to invest there. China learns by its successes and mistakes. China is a very old and wise country. China has an over abundance of brain power China is very innovative. China is not afraid to go outside of their country for answers to questions and problems they have. China is very careful not to let foreign investment take over like they allowed to happen two centuries ago. China plans for the future through five year and one year plans that are changable. China's government is slowly morphing into a federal democratic republic, much like the USA but at their own pace. China realizes that to limit people in government only to one party is counter productive and in recent years is encouraging people outside the party to become involved in government and even run for office. China is much of what we want her to be and little of what we think she is. =============== Life is so simple, but we insist on making it complicated Confucius 551 - 479 BC =============== Peace Jim .

Gaylon Gaylon
Whilst I agree with some of your comments, not all! Living standards are getting better all the time, slowly spreading into remote areas as well as constantly improving in the more populated centres. With the country so big, it would not be financially possible, nor physically possible, even with the resources available to them to do everything at once. It is of benefit to the Chinese government to improve these standards for a number of reasons: By improving standards in the remote areas it stops the transit of massive numbers of migrant workers to the economic zones. Better access to these areas will lead to businesses relocating to these areas to take advantage of the plentiful and cheap labour there. Accordingly standards raise for all and the people are more content By improving these areas, the Chinese are creating a backing for industries that in this time of recession would suffer. The new roads, buildings, etc etc keep many factories going which would have otherwise closed down due to the decrease in exports and fall in commodity prices. Consequently people remain in work and so are content. By improving the lot of the poorer people, and lifting them out of poverty by the fact that these people can now obtain an income, China is removing many of the complaints aimed against them and improving the opinion of China overseas. Face still means a lot and China wish to, at least to the outside, appear a modern, well developed, caring culture/country. At the end of the day though I do agree that the reasons the government are doing this is not specifically for the people (at least not directly). They are doing what they do to make China stronger and to keep the people happy so that they can maintain control without opposition. Many of Chinas factories during the recession have simply switched to providing for the internal market and so have survived whilst many in the west have been forced to close. Indirectly of course this keeps people in work, so they have food on the table and so are happy. I do agree though that the Chinese government would do ANYTHING to retain power, although surely this statement could be made of any ruling government, although maybe in most countries the measures would not be as extreme in the worst case scenario. How much freedom are people willing to give up? If you have more food on your table, more money in your pocket, shorter and better working hours and conditions, how much would you take? Especially if that is how you are brought up anyway? Most people in China, all they see different is a freeing up of a lot of things they couldn't do before, more freedom of movement, and better all round life and living conditions. In other words all they are seeing is things getting better and China getting more powerful and having more of an influence in the world. By freedom you are comparing what we have in the west, which China may not currently enjoy but is slowly moving that way. Things are changing and it is like a rolling stone, a BIG one. You are right on many things you say, BUT NOT as the Chinese see it, for them things ARE getting better. But as the stone rolls, they will want more and more freedom, and then it will be difficult for the Chinese Government to stop the changes without causing unrest. But whilst things are getting better, the Chinese government will enjoy almost total backing of their people, and there are probably NO western countries who's government can boast a similar % backing of the people.
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Deye Deye
Your "research" question is little more than a poorly camouflaged anti-Chinese statement. The question fools no one, except its author. None of your question's allegations about China are accurate. Living standards and wages have been rising steadily in China for 30 years. China's GDP has risen an average of 10% per year for most of the last decade. China has the highest economic growth rate on the planet. The vast majority of Chinese strongly support their government. China's combination of socialist and capitalist government policies has created a middle class of 400 million people that is growing by 40 million per year. Can your country say that about itself? The shortcomings of western-style political and economic systems have been highlighted by the ongoing global financial crisis. America's lax government regulation of banks and its culture of greed have finally led to economic implosion. The U.S. unemployment rate is now 9.8% and its total debt is over US$10 trillion. America can't climb out of the economic grave that it has dug for itself. Britain is in the grave next door. People in China enjoy a high level of freedom, economic opportunity, and social justice. Are people in America really free when they must constantly fear for their lives from gun violence, widespread drug adiction, and lack of health insurance?
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Beverley Beverley
You might want to read your own newspaper, NYT provided by Int'l Energy Agency before bad-mouthing China's greatest efforts to clean up their land. Climate Agency Sees China’s Efforts Paying Dividends: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/07/busine... China is #1 or #2 in solar, hydro and wind energy. Since most people bad-mouthing China has no patience, they still don't understand that things take time and effort.
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Abnor Abnor
I'm a native Chinese, and I'm benefiting of various freedoms at present. propaganda? I never heard or hearing that from government, only sourced from your mouth.
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Abnor Originally Answered: China is angry about US monetary policy, what makes people believe China will continue loaning out money?
Is it possible that China will buy fewer bonds? Certainly. They may even buy fewer in the near future, but they will not be reducing the amount they purchase by a significant amount any time soon. This is so for a number of reasons. To their obvious displeasure, the USD is the dominant hard currency--international trade relies upon the USD, JPY and EUR triad, and will for some time to come. This is one reason that no one can afford a USD collapse. The Chinese and Russians are trying to make inroads into the international-hard-currency scene, but it will take a long time to make a significant change because of the sheer size of the present system and the fact that a rapid change would be intensely undesireable for everyone involved (and Russia's attempt to have people consider the ruble a worthwhile hard currency is almost laughable). China's enormous amounts of USD holdings in their central bank also tie them to the mast of the dollar, as they don't want to shoot themselves in the foot by causing their own holdings to lose much value. We even tried to encourage them in the 1990s not to become so reliant on holdings of USD and US bonds, but that advice was largely ignored. Also, you have the relationship between appreciating currencies and trade direction backwards. If the yuan appreciates relative to foreign currencies, then foreign goods become relatively cheaper to the Chinese and thus more attractive, while Chinese-made goods become more relatively expensive. Thus, an appreciating currency tends to lead to more imports, not more domestic-only consumption.

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