Why the word JAP is allowed on Yahoo answers?

Why the word JAP is allowed on Yahoo answers? Topic: Get post case sensitive
July 17, 2019 / By Afton
Question: for us Japanese , nothing is so offensive as foreigners call us Japs , on this yahoo answers, whenever I saw this word, I reported these questions, but they ve never be deleted. on the other hand, when I asked "Thais really respect their king?"to the category of Thailand, the question was deleted quickly. and I asked the same question ""do Japanese really respect their Emperor?" to this category. this question was not deleted, what is this standard? why Yahoo is sensitive to certain question of certain people? and our sentiment is completely ignored?
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Suellen Suellen | 5 days ago
You're not the only one to report them. I report them every single time I see such a post. EDIT: Well, almost always report such posts. Exception 1- I've read it where I think the person posting is Japanese. Exception 2- The average age of the user here is rather low. Sometimes I don't think that they mean any insult, they're just ignorant. In those cases I'll usually simply point out that such is generally not acceptable. Also, TheCheapest is correct on how posts get yanked. At least my understanding of the process. The relative standing of the person being reported and that of the person doing the report might matter. But it generally requires more than one report for a post to get yanked. And that's what Y!A says about the situation on the page where you report abuse.
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Rachelle Rachelle
A good question. To my mind, the people who use this derogatory word are usually those who's questions are meant to offend for one reason or another. There are others too, who are simply ignorant to the fact that they are being offencive and use the word in every day conversation without so much as a second thought about what they have said or written. ( I've met a few of those in my time ) With regard to Yahoo Q/A. It seams as though they will only delete a question if and when a certain amount of people have reported them, or a person continually reporting abuse on a certain matter. Whatever the reason, it's about time they did something about it.
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Melicent Melicent
Yes, we Japanese feel offended when we are called Jap. But can we really tell that they (foreigners) have malicious intention when they call us so? Some of them do, but some of them don't. Besides, the word "Jap" is English. They may say, "We use our language the way we want. It's not Jap's business." By the same token, many Japanese call foreigners "gaijin" without any malicious intention. As far as Japanese language is concerned, "gaijin" means nothing but "non-Japanese people." But as you know, many foreigners are offended by the word. But, since this is a Japanese word, we can say, "We use our language the way we want. It's not gaijin's business." Personally, I never call them gaijin, but if the foreigners claim, "Don't call us gaijin," I would tell them, "It's none of your business." In the same way, we don't need to be offended even if they call us Jap, do we?
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Leanora Leanora
In my honest opinion, Jap is a bit offensive however I am not offended by it unless it was followed by a insult This is because I lived in America What really offensive if they call us oriental Regardless this is the internet, there are a lot of people who will get offended for just the smallest amount of things
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