Any chances at University of Michigan?

Any chances at University of Michigan? Topic: History of the computer essay
July 20, 2019 / By Chandler
Question: Basic Gender: Female Ethnicity: African (Burundian) School: Catholic College Prep School Major: Anthropology State- NJ Test ACT: 2/7 SAT- 1800/2400 AP Tests: • Computer Science • European History Honors • Algebra 2 • Pre-Cal • US History II • English Senior Schedule: • Economics • AP Euro • AP Computer • Honors Pre-Cal • English VI • Religion VI Other Stats THAT WILL KILL ME) Rank: School does not rank, but top 50% in class. (49/114) GPA: 3.0 ECs: Erase - Erase racism on earth: 9, 10, and 11(President) Red Cross: 11, 12 (President) Model UN: 11, 12 Yearbook: 12 (photographer) Soccer- 11 Swimming- 12 Cross Country-10 Miscellaneous/Notes • play the drums in band (not a school band and also not normal for African WOMEN to do that) • made my own computer game • made website for recognition of war I am in the mist of writing a manuscript for my book called " Help or not". It is about my research, what would people doing in different situations. Volunteer- Red Cross overseas (1 month) Community Service-100 hours Essay I will write about a Table. How the table is important to me: In Africa my family and I were in a war and so we hide underneath the table from the bombs. Now, since I am in the USA for many years, don’t know exact number... but anyways, now my parents uses it to talk about bills and how will survive for next day. So the essay will be a contrast of the use of a table in two different countries and two different situations.
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Alpine Alpine | 8 days ago
all they look for is your unweighted gpa from sophomore and junior year. the essays and ec's count for little and SATs are only sorta important. your gpa is too low and your SATs aren't great either. the ec's and essays are ok but won't compensate. don't worry i got deferred too with a 2230 sat
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Alpine Originally Answered: What are my chances of getting into University of Michigan?
GPAs aren't as important as you would think. They often look at entrance score along with your personal experiences. What they are looking for is someone who can succeed at their school. Do your best in class but be balanced in other things. (Sounds like you already are) But make sure you do well on the SAT and ACT. These can negate GPAs any day.

Tetty Tetty
Your GPA and SAT are below average for Michigan, the two most important things for their admissions. It's going to be quite a stretch.
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Rosalynne Rosalynne
It's not impossible, but it's a longshot. Your SATs are a little low, and so is your GPA. You should be more like 2100 and 3.6 for UoM. Apply, but have a back up that you know you can get in to.
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Moriah Moriah
your gpa and scores don't meet up to par with the college. :( although your EC's are amazing. so is your essay.
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Moriah Originally Answered: Chances for university of michigan?
Your GPA is fantastic, but you definantly need to raise that SAT score. UofM will love your leadership experience because they are the self proclaimed "leaders and the best." I suggest you raise your SAT to at least 2000 to get accepted. Also, killer essays and recomendations will help. Good Luck

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