Will he ever forgive me? Im soo sorry! PlZ help 10 pts best answers?

Will he ever forgive me? Im soo sorry! PlZ help 10 pts best answers? Topic: Homework excuses letter
July 15, 2019 / By Alleric
Question: I had a boyfriend for a 1yr.He was the sweetest loving guy you would ever met,but during that yr the majority of the time I was cheating on him with 2 guys.I would barely spend time with my boyfriend and always had an excuse weather to go out or to say my parents was to strict.I never thought we would get this close but we did.After first it was just to have sex with him.I always wanted to tell him what I done but I couldn't He would buy me gifts,help me with my homework, and when he was out of town he even came back to check on me when a hurricane was approaching.I feel so bad.He recently found out after all this time and he told mr he never wants to speak to me AGAIN Will he ever get over this? or is the womb to deep?
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Best Answers: Will he ever forgive me? Im soo sorry! PlZ help 10 pts best answers?

Tayler Tayler | 1 day ago
If he is as nice a person as he sounds, he will forgive you but he won't ever forget that you betrayed him and broke his heart. I suggest you sit down and calmly write him a letter and tell him that you realize now how wrong you were when you cheated on him and how much you regret hurting him. Tell him that you hope he can find it in his heart to forgive you and you hope he contacts you but you understand if he cannot and that you wish him nothing but the best. Then, mail the letter and do not contact him. He may not call you. He may forgive, call you and offer to be friends. He may forgive you, call and give you a second chance. Whatever happens learn from this experience. When a man loves you, he deserves your honesty. You don't have control if a man falls in love with you and you don't love him but you can always be honest. In the future, if you are dating a man and he tells you he loves you (or there is an unspoken agreement that he is your boyfriend) but you are seeing dating other men be honest. You will never experience the pain of regret for lying that you have now if you are honest in the future. Best wishes for a happy 2009.
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Moira Moira
Sorry but you are the kind of girl we all hate for messing up guys. seriously, ur a jerk. u cheated on the most perfect guy ever and just expect him to forgive him?? what do u think, he loves you oh so much cuz really u broke his heart? u suck. im sorry but u do. seriously, dont ever bug him again cuz you hurt him and that is bad, you are, by far, the worst girlfriend that i've seen here on yahoo answers.
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Linn Linn
Your the reason so many guys are jerks. They get used when they are young. Then become cold. Thats ok youll get yours sooner or later.
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Kaley Kaley
no he wont get over this. How could he? You will have to face the conseqwuences of your jerky actions. sorry
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Kaley Originally Answered: Yahoo Answers needs to fix their spam bot! Why in the world do all my homework answers, be it in excel or accounting get blocked?
One guess is that the filter is seeing all the .com and .net entries and interpreting it as spam code or attempts at messing with the system. You could try making the entries more generic. Anytime you put code in an answer, it is a problem for Yahoo.

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