Can Osama's supposed killing be compared to Joseph Smith?

Can Osama's supposed killing be compared to Joseph Smith? Topic: Case smith
July 17, 2019 / By Maidie
Question: Joseph Smith said he saw Jesus and God in the woods, when he was alone. Joseph Smith also dictated the Book of Mormon by reading from the supposedly existing golden plates in a seer stone at the bottom of a hat, thus preventing anybody else from ever seeing the evidence, i.e. the golden plates. But now imagine if every news agency in the world just took his word for granted and reported about the Divine Golden Plates that day - apparently, everyone in the world would be Mormon today. Same goes for the supposed death of Bin Laden - oh yeah, they raid a building in Abbotabad in the middle of the night, kill Bin Laden, then not only make a DNA test (within mere hours!) but also dispose of his body in the sea before dawn has even arrived. And every news agency in the world just takes their word for it and starts reporting. And now everybody believes Bin Laden is dead. Isn't this a classic example of how faith (in this case: faith in the news) works? No need for evidence, if everybody else is saying it, it gotta b true rite? People are so guillible.
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Keziah Keziah | 8 days ago
"thus preventing anybody else from ever seeing the evidence, i.e. the golden plates." False. Including Joseph Smith, 26 people saw them.
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Keziah Originally Answered: Did Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet, kill a drunk man in the street?
See Nephi and Laban in the Book of Mormon, 2nd Nephi. God tells Nephi to kill the drunken Laban who is in a stupor on the street. Nephi does so of course and steals his very fancy sword. It's just one of the many great lessons on morality in that book. If someone is your enemy, it's OK to behave as badly as you want, especially if you hear voices in your head telling you to. Enemies in this book are always described in the most vile terms imaginable. They aren't real people with good points and bad, they are so terrible that God must have them all killed, including children. When Jesus visits the Americas, He first destroys 15 entire cities and their populace because they are so evil. That contradicts every known civilization. Some have bad leaders, but the people overall are just like us. It is only in times of war that evil leaders start telling us that the people they want eliminated are completely evil. It's so transparent, and so wrong - in real life and in this book. The mindless violence is non stop: http://www.skepticsannotatedbible.com/BO... Smith wrote it, he didn't do it.

Jaimie Jaimie
You believe the same government that said they would never (NEVER) order the TSA to put their hands down people's pants??? And then all these videos come out on YouTube and elsewhere of the TSA sticking their hands down peoples pants, which is something even a Police Officer, or a Prison Guard, can not do, without probable cause??? The videos don't lie. Give big Sis and her boss Obama credit though, she came out of the closet recently and finally admitted that the TSA does this, and it is "correct procedures". Six year old girls are now terrorists? Miss America is now a suspected terrorist so therefor now the TSA can grab her private Parts at will, that is O.K.? And still you believe everything this government says is true? And the Gulf Of Tonkin which was used as a pretext to go to war with Vietnam, was completely staged, and this was declassified and fully admitted to, and there is now no question whatsoever of this fact. The U.S. government lies, and lies, and then lies some more, and they often lie even when they don't have to, just out of habit. Do you know when a politician is lying, it is when they open their mouth. Osama Bin Ladin, has been dead for a long long time. Joseph Smith is a true Prophet, and that is so, because God says it is so. Furthermore Joseph Smith was not apart of the CIA, who worked with the United States Government in Eastern Europe, and in Afghanistan. Some people might be getting fooled. Not me. Joseph Smith, true blue. Osama Bin Ladin, false. Simple as that.
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Ena Ena
Very important question! At it's heart this question is about the birth of religious movements. I think yes: they can be compared. I say this as a former pure-bred Mormon. Joseph Smith is my first cousin, 5 times removed. My mother's maiden name is Smith. Religious movements are born of martyrdom. Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, and now Osama bin Laden, along with many others. Death gives us a chance to mythologize the dead leader. We can invent stories about them because they are no longer there to influence the narrative, and to prove that they are merely mortal. In bin Laden's case, his followers will build a narrative around him as the guardian of true Islam and resistance to Western moral decadence. These ideas have a specific allure, but in fact, he was a murderous, ideological psychopath. He will be remembered for the former, not the latter. Conversely, if we had captured bin Laden, shaved his beard, imprisoned him for life in a silly orange jumpsuit and allowed occasional interviews in which he was able to rant and rave about his ridiculous theological viewpoints --like Charles Manson-- then his religious movement never would have had the chance to take a life of its own. He would have proven his human fallibility himself.
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Cierra Cierra
He could be living in Salt Lake City under the assumed name of John Smith, for all we know. What better place to hide than in a mormon area with the name of "Smith"? So maybe there is a connection there after all. Just don't give anyone named "Smith" a gun and lock him up in jail, whatever you do!!!! Does it matter if bin Laden is dead or not? We all still have to get up tomorrow and go to work. Don't we.
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Azura Azura
Actually there were many other people who saw the plates in addition to Joseph Smith. Their testimonies are included in every copy of the Book of Mormon. You can also find them here http://lds.org/scriptures/bofm/introduct...
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Abishag Abishag
Plenty saw the Golden Plates and they testified to it and NONE ever denied it even when they left the church and were disgruntled. Why didn't they deny ever seeing the plates if they hated the church? Interesting don't you think? You might want to look up your facts before you post ignorant assumptions. We actually can provide witnesses who saw the plates. Everyone in the world would have believed in Christ had he lifted himself off of the cross and saved himself, but he didn't. Why is that? It's the same reason the BofM was not left for all to view. Proof of spiritual things come from God. He requires that we come to know Him for our knowledge. Your analogy, though clever in your own mind, has nothing to do with the other.
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Swithin Swithin
Osama was killed by Seals in a home raid. Smith was killed by a mob who raided a jail. No one will go on trial for killing Osama. Those who killed Smith went on trial for murder.
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Swithin Originally Answered: LDS, Mormons, a question about Joseph Smith and his polygamy and marring a mother and her daughter?
Excellent information. I wasn't aware that Joseph married mother/daughter combinations nor was I aware of commandment in Leviticus. I can't imagine what God has in store for a man like Joseph Smith. The troubling issues for Mormons are, did Joseph Smith actually have sex with these women and why did he marry the wives of other men? LDS historians agree that Joseph had sex with at least 13 women. Ironically, this was confirmed when the Reorganized LDS church claimed that Joseph didn't. The actual women came forward, gave their witness in order to counter RLDS claims. LDS historians corroborated the testimonies with diary and other information and agreed that at least 13 actually did shag the prophet. So it wasn't a spiritual union at all. Why did Joseph marry the wives of other men? Besides the obvious motive of sex, it's a real power trip to approach another man and demand his wife. Clearly the Bible provides no support for Joseph's behavior. Revelation? Good luck with that explanation.

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