Are hedgehogs legal in Pennsylvania?

Are hedgehogs legal in Pennsylvania? Topic: Different news paper articles
July 18, 2019 / By Nichola
Question: I've seen several different websites. Some say hedgies are illegal to own, but some say different. Could someone find out for sure if I can buy a pet hedgehog is Pennsylvania?
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Lyndi Lyndi | 10 days ago
Different people have different interpretations of Pennsylvania's law concerning wildlife as pets. What IS certain is that the Pennsylvania Game Commission treats hedgehogs as illegal pets. If you buy a hedgehog and the PGC becomes aware of that fact, officers of the PGC may seize the hedgehog and issue you with a citation. A newspaper article about this happening can be read at http://www.citypaper.net/articles/030702... . Contact information for the Pennsylvania Game Commission is available at http://www.pgc.state.pa.us/pgc/cwp/view.... . If there are other exotic pets you're thinking about keeping, I recommend contacting the PGC to make sure the PGC considers the pets you're interested in permissible under Pennsylvania's legal code. The PGC's interpretation of the law matters far more than the actual text of the law, unless you can afford a good lawyer.
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Lyndi Originally Answered: Questions About Hedgehogs?
For a person to take good care of a hedgehog, they have to find the good information available in a sea of bad information, and be able to think for themselves about what makes the most sense and would be best for the hedgehog. Pick any topic, and most people would have difficulty finding truth among lies and deciding for themselves what is true, so why should it be different for hedgehogs? Hedgehogs *aren't* good pets for most people. They're nocturnal. They're shy. They need to be kept warm, and quiet. They aren't affectionate. They need a regular schedule. They need specialized vet care. They're fragile. They don't "play" like other pets do. Their cage requirements are substantial. They poop on their wheels. For a hedgehog to be a good pet for someone, that person needs to be able to deal with *all* of these issues, and a lot more. Most people get hedgehogs without doing any research based on "LOL Sonic!" and the hedgehogs suffer for it. I've seen it, and I've taken in hedgehogs from pretty horrific conditions. Many more live and die in those same conditions. A lot of people are too dumb to take good care of a cat, dog, or hamster. Why should exotic pets that are more difficult to care for be any different?

Kaylin Kaylin
No, they are not legal in Pennsylvania.. not unless you have an exhibitor's licence (such as what a zoo would have). There is a lady in PA who has a buffalo farm.. she also has hedgehogs, but she keeps them on the ranch, tourists can view them.
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Hunter Hunter
In the state of Pennsylvania, it is illegal to own wild animals. You need a special permit or license to do so. I live in Pennsyvania and I have seen many people try to own animals illegaly and ended up having to have them put to sleep.
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