Could I get into the University of Miami?

Could I get into the University of Miami? Topic: Physical science homework answers
June 24, 2019 / By Rachyl
Question: I am currently a junior in high school and I have been looking ahead to my future a lot so far. I would like to go to college to double major in journalism and broadcasting. Then I would like to become a sports broadcaster or sports journalist. I know it's best to go to college in a big metropolitan city that is pretty sports oriented if I want to one-day work in sports, that's why Miami is the top city in my list. ______________________________________ My current grades during junior year (this year): Crafts – 97 Comp. English 11 – 85 Journalism II – 96 Physical Ed 11 – 90 Health Ed 11 – 99 Algebra II – 81 Environmental Science –84 Global Studies – 100 Grad Project – 100 Junior Year Overall Percentage = 92 Junior Overall GPA = 3.7 High School Class Rank = 165/328 (this was at the end of sophomore year, I think it's a lot higher now.) Overall High School Percentage = 90 Overall High School GPA = 3.2 ______________________________________ The extra-curricular activities I am involved in are SADD Club, Wrestling Team, Wrestling Team Student Athletic Trainer, Baseball Manager, Baseball Student Athletic Trainer, Church Softball Team, and Youth Group. I am also a sports reporter for my high school’s newspaper, The Rocket Star and I have my own sports column called Player of the Month. I used to volunteer at an after school day care for kids 8th grade and down. Helping them with homework, playing games, and giving them snack. Finally, during my junior (this year) and senior year of high school I have a student internship with WOYK, a sports radio-broadcasting network, for both the football and basketball seasons. I will go to all my school’s home and away game, collect stats, call in stats, and broadcast the game I reviewed on live radio.
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Melinda Melinda | 8 days ago
Are you just continuing to ask the same question over and over until you get the answer you want to hear? Sure.. spend the money on the application and see how it pans out
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Melinda Originally Answered: Can I get into University of Miami or NYU?
I thought the University of Miami was one of the easier schools to get into. NYU is a bit tougher and I don't know what score range the Toefl is, if you're fluent in english that's all that matters. non IB senior year probably won't make a difference. I could be wrong about Miami, I might be basing it on their football team, but I'm pretty sure that whole school is a bunch of thugs.
Melinda Originally Answered: Can I get into University of Miami or NYU?
You will need to raise your SAT score to get in, even to Miami. NYU is very, very, difficult to get into, I would advise you to look at other schools. Good luck...

Leatrice Leatrice
Miami is the nice town ever...... and I undoubtedly love U Miami...first-rate college and is prob my best option. You have a lovely well GPA and plenty of additional curriculars.Ur SAT ranking isn't unhealthy in any respect...... however you've got plenty of extras anyhow and aps which absolutely makes you stand out. If you probably did good on your ap's, so we can absolutely spice up your probabilities. Anyways, you've got a rather well threat of having in! Good good fortune and wish all of it is going good :)
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Leatrice Originally Answered: Could I Possibly get into the University of Miami (fl)?
Based on your GPA and SAT, letter in baseball (Are you good enough to be recruited? Is there as scholarship possibility here?) and your dad is an alum, I think they are quite good. Tell your dad to join or contribute some amount annually (it doesn't have to be big) to his class or school Alumni Association. Most schools give legacy students some extra consideration & some alumni associations or schools have extra scholarship $$ for children of alums. And have your BB coach write one of your recommendations.
Leatrice Originally Answered: Could I Possibly get into the University of Miami (fl)?
no longer gonna sugar coat it-in case you have an interest in going to the college of Michigan, artwork FOR IT. This 365 days has been cutthroat. I have been given in, yet particularly some different buddies (one with a 4.05 weighted GPA, yet another with a 32 ACT score) have been given deferred. nevertheless greater have been given rejected outright. i could say it extremely is the main suitable college on the checklist academically, yet lamentably, it is likewise the costliest and toughest to get into. Seeing as maximum of your faculties are in FL, i could propose you to no longer pay the out of state classes and bypass to college of Florida as a substitute. super training, cool city (or so my stepmom, who went there) says. I somewhat have a pal, although, who is going to FIU (even however we are all from Michigan, he gets in state privileges there), and he's stoked relating to the social scene surrounding the college. extraordinarily trouble-free to get in, too (low attractiveness cost, i know, yet many pupils are grossly unqualified). regular, to strengthen your probabilities of having reliable scholarships, basically convey the GPA up. it is lots greater significant than your SAT or ACT score. i does not hire somebody for those tests. you are able to bypass to the close by bookshop and get a prepare e book with 8 complete length tests for $30, and which will help you purely as a lot. they have each and every of the comparable attempt taking suggestions as a instruct could supply you plus a lot of possibilities to coach. in case you do no longer know a thank you to do a difficulty, look at their rationalization or ask your instructor in case you nevertheless do no longer comprehend. no would desire to pay for some thing which you're able to do your self basically as nicely :)

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