What are YOU doing on a Friday night on yahoo answers?

What are YOU doing on a Friday night on yahoo answers? Topic: College homework answers
July 20, 2019 / By Milisent
Question: I'm in college and I want to be out partying with my friends and meeting girls BUT I'm stuck at home studying for midterms and writing my papers...ARGH!! what are you doing on yahoo answers on a Friday night? I feel like such a loser... State your age also please =] and your area (time zone) it's 8:30 right now in California..
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Licia Licia | 2 days ago
I thought you could use an East Coast answer :) I'm 18 and it's 11:40 EST. And I'm stuck in my dorm. I've been doing homework and writing a paper all day and man, I'm tired. But hey.. it's college. I'll go out and party tomorrow night when all my homework is done.
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Licia Originally Answered: Do you notice a change in the Yahoo Answers Matrix on Friday nights?
Not altogether. There will still be all the drama of the "I wanna dies" and the pointlessness of the "what are you most afraid ofs" and the rest of the plethora of standard questions. Along with the askers that have no sense of humor or tolerance when their question isn't answered as they want it to be answered or it doesn't agree with their particular point of view. there's just a little more of it all

June June
My name is Abby. I currently live in Tennessee. I'm not the most comfortable stating my age, and it's 10:43 P.M. Everyone has went to bed, and I'm not really tired. I'm in the kick of staying up all night. I agree that studying for midterms can't be the most fun. -Abagail Rex
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Goldie Goldie
I'm 18 yo and from California and what i'm doing right now is that ima get snack in a bit and work out after
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Deven Deven
8:35 pm california hubby is at work. trying to kill time until he comes home. 27 years old and no you are not a loser...u are doing the right thing by studying. when you get ur degree and your high salary job.....then you will be like....i'm glad i didnt go partying and instead stayed back to study. lol good luck
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Candice Candice
2244hrs, central tz. You only live life once, and you may die before you finish reading this message. You should be out having the time of your life, getting drunk as an alcoholic in a wine cellar. If your shy, have a female friend talk some sense into you and get you unshyifed. I know plenty of people who have college degrees and still are making less that 40K/ year. Screw Schoole.
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Candice Originally Answered: Does this sound like a typical yahoo answers night for you?
Lmao. Yesss. That;s why I spend so much goddamn time here. I'm always here when I'm trying to finish (read: start) my homework.

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