If you lie on your resume, what can your potential employer find and what can they not find out?

If you lie on your resume, what can your potential employer find and what can they not find out? Topic: Employment application form examples
May 23, 2019 / By Tiana
Question: So like most people, when submitting a resume most tend to embellish (if not outright lie). So my question is this: If for example an employer did NOT contact your previous employer(s) as per your request on an application, what information is a potential employer able to obtain from background checks and other methods? Please be specific as possible. Thanks :)
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Best Answers: If you lie on your resume, what can your potential employer find and what can they not find out?

Rosemary Rosemary | 10 days ago
OK, trust me on this dude, what I'm about to write is 100% correct. I'll leave it at that: A potential employer, from background checks, WILL be able to establish whether you have told the truth or not in regards to your Identity details, Immigration status/Nationality, complete Academic Records and FULL previous employment history. Now, as to your question about whether the potential employer can find out about what duties/roles you specifically did in your previous jobs, this is up for debate. Some will be obvious to work out, going by previous employers sector/industry..............and a final note.........requesting that your potential employer does not contact your current/previous employer does NOT mean that they won't ever do it.......it simply means that they won't contact them until interview/references/final job offer (depending on what is written on the application form)...........but they WILL, and I mean WILL (trust me on this) contact them, even if it's as soon as you take up employment. My advice, stick to the hard facts and don't lie.....it's not worth it......because if you try and be funny, you may get the job, yeah, but you will soon be out of that new job real quick........and so it will just be a huge waste of time. If you really have the desire to blag and sprinkle some sugar on the CV, don't do it in regards to Identity/Academic Records/Employment Records..............do it for the hobbies/interests section..........you know, how people write that they love cooking and making dishes...........despite the fact that the nearest thing they have come to cooking for a year is microwaving a pizza.
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There are resume consultants you can hire. Just do an on line search or you can go to the Fiverr website and search for resume writers. the people who write them professionally are usually good to consult with about how to make them get you a job.

Myrna Myrna
I think you are mistaken, my friend. Most people do not embellish their resume or lie on their resume. Any substantial inaccuracy on the resume, detected after the applicant has already been given the job leads to instant termination. An applicant who has not yet been fired will find his application being put in the trash. Employers are professionals. They are neither naive or fools. Everything is checked out
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Lorayne Lorayne
Hey buddy, I'm an old fella, and I've been there before. Basically when you lie on your resume, you've got two outcomes: 1. You get away with it but the employer's expectations are overly high 2. You get caught as a lier The outcomes are totally up to you. Hope it helps mate. :)
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Kassidy Kassidy
I actually had to provide a transcript to an employer and if my GPA was not above a certain level the job offer was no good. Employers may check but they have to get the transcript from you. Don't lie about it.
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Haylie Haylie
Don't put anything negative in your resume about your character, any interaction with police or criminal record. Let them search you out. In the meantime, while you are working for them, do so good a job, that they would not want to lose you. You can achieve anything, but you have to put your foot in the door. Good Book "How to Win Friends, and Influence People" Good Luck!
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Dorothy Dorothy
one tip: make your facebook private! my friend constantly got rejected from jobs until after he made it private. it is crazy what they can find our from facebook!
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