How can i stop people from emailing me answers for my yahoo question if i found my answer?

How can i stop people from emailing me answers for my yahoo question if i found my answer? Topic: Questions and answers for problem solving
July 15, 2019 / By Nic
Question: Hey people I think im having a problem. people just keep on giving me answers to my question that i have already solved. so please tell my how to stop them from emailing me. thank you
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Best Answers: How can i stop people from emailing me answers for my yahoo question if i found my answer?

Kit Kit | 10 days ago
You can find all of your Questions in your Profile page. Click the question. Below it is a row of widgets, the last of which allows you to turn off the "email me the answers" feature (people aren't emailing you, they are submitting answers, which you told Yahoo to send in emails). When the question is at least 4 hours old, but before it's 4 days old, you should choose a Best Answer for it. That closes it (and rewards the Best Answerer).
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Kit Originally Answered: Have you ever solved a problem by following an answer you found on yahoo answers?
Opinionated questions often result in opinionated answers. Correct. What do people do with all the Yahoo opinions they collect? I dunno. What is the capital of France? Paris. Fact. Not opinion. What is the sum of 10+10? 20. Fact. Not opinion. I hate my boss! What should I do? I dunno. Burn his house down? I've been granted Best Answer with 5 stars & comments that stated, "Thank you so much for helping me!" I've also gotten BA, 1 star & comments saying, "I only picked you 'cuz other answers were worse!"

Ibri Ibri
When the question has been open a little over 4 hours you can choose a best answer unfortunately you can't do it before , to do this go back to you're question (after 4 hours) and you will see a 'choose as best answer' button under all the answers you received, then you can pick the one you like.
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Esmund Esmund
yahoo nevertheless sends all the emails they many times do, such via fact the terrific answer notification. yet I easily have observed that it somewhat is lots slower to deliver out the emails, by skill of almost as much as an afternoon late. I have not have been given any concept why, some thing is going weird and wonderful with yahoo
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Conor Conor
You need to resolve the question you asked, either by choosing a best answer to it, or deleteing the question all together. .
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Arnie Arnie
I think you can do it - click on my profile up there on the right. look in there and there might be a way for you to block or change. Good luck
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Arnie Originally Answered: Do Yahoo! Answers review one's question or answer before they remove it?
No, not usually. Unless an appeal is submitted, they don't check reports of community guidelines violations except perhaps on rare occasions (and if the report was not initially successful then they issue a Violation Notice if the report is found to be valid). The system is automated, it saves them a lot of time and money and is considered over 94% accurate. Reporting (also known as Community Moderation) evaluation is done by software which is based upon a complicated formula that weighs the actions and history (trust level) of both the reporter and the person being reported and then decides whether or not the report will be effective. Some people think when a report is not successful in causing deletion of the post, that Yahoo! staff will then review the report. I am 100% certain that is not the case. However, when a post is reported as illegal, then it is read by a human being virtually every time. In most cases when reporting one would mark it as a community guidelines violation. But if one is reporting something like a threat of violence or malware they should mark it as illegal. If not sure which one to mark they should go with the first option of reporting it as a community guidelines violation. Marking a post as illegal often causes instant deletion and for the post to be reviewed by Yahoo! Customer Care. These are usually more serious violations and can quickly lead to account suspension. Marking as illegal when one should not can result in future reports losing influence.

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