Iowa state University or DePaul University?

Iowa state University or DePaul University? Topic: Best colleges for writing and art scholarship
June 17, 2019 / By Kristi
Question: Yeah i realize this is the wrong column. I've been trying to decide between the two for months and my parents are making me decide for good by tomorrow. DePaul- I was awarded a leadership scholarship - 8,500 per year, great program, it goes on your diploma. they have film production and screen writing that i would want to do. chicago. bad things- its not the usual college experience, little to no involvement by the mass majority of students, onlyfreshman housing, it kinda feels like skipping the college experience, minus the 3 hrs ur in class per day.. isu- no scholarship, so im basically paying the same for both bc im from illinois. nothing in fine arts majors- but they ahve wildlife care, which is the other thing i wanted to try and major in. i suck in amth and sicene though so im afraid if switch my major...well then i cnt do film or acting ro screen writing.. they ahve a beautiful campus, and its preety big which is scary but its cool. lots of college-y things, but im afraid ti will feel like high school all over again. i wanted to get my wildlfie degree so i can enlist in the peace corps after college. - also, what are my chances of ever getting into film tv, acting, screen writing- without a formal educaiton in it? any comments or opinions about either school, or any of my other questions, i would reallylyyyy appreciate it!!
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Jean Jean | 7 days ago
You should go to a community college in Cleveland. You could learn how to actually use the English language there. You could make people there feel better about themselves. They would realize that they are not you.
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Jean Originally Answered: Is there anyway to gain admission into Iowa state university after being denied?
Generally speaking, a denial is simply that: a refusal for entry. Calling or writing a college usually won't help them reconsider; however, calling to find out *why* the student was denied is usually fine. They'll find his file and tell him why he failed to meet the criteria. It could be either his GPA, or maybe his TOEFL scores, or maybe he just didn't submit everything in time. Also, keep in mind that most colleges in the US require international students to submit bank statements showing they have funds to cover tuition. That could keep him out. So could anything that might hinder his immigration paperwork. It's a tough process, much more than his GPA. Of course, it never hurts to have a family member on the admissions board (though schools will deny this), or have a distinguished alumna call on the person's behalf. But if he's like the rest of us, he's just got to find out what went wrong and try again next year. Good luck!

Faithe Faithe
If you're a Christian find a quiet place and pray about it. Then calmly think about all the positives of both experiences. You may find that you have an inner peace more about one than the other. There is such a thing as a transfer also. If you find the school you chose is not what you wanted, you can transfer to the other or another one. Your creative talents can always be explored...there is ample opportunity for self expression these days with cheap editing software and digital cameras. (youtube) Not to mention cable access film production. You can learn a great deal about TV production by volunteering to produce shows for broadcast on your local cable television access channel. In some metropolitan areas cable television stations are mandated to provide a channel free to the local population for broadcast of locally produced shows. Be serious about your studies. If you blow your chance at this time of your life it is very hard later in life when you have the responsibilities of a family, children and job to go back to school. Good luck and God bless you!
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Conradine Conradine
I go to the University of Iowa and I love it. Iowa has great sports (if ur into that) and a great nightlife. It is really a relaxing place to go to school. I think the campus is beautiful and you don't have the crazy city traffic everywhere. The dorms are the largest i have ever seen. My room is 12'-9" by 21'-2". We also have sinks in our rooms. Also the food is great! hope this helps. Go Hawks!
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Bertha Bertha
Obviously I don't know you, but based on that little bit of info, and some personal experience, I'd have to lean toward DePaul. I attended a university with an urban campus (Boston) and it was great. Obviously, it's not the same scene as the midwest campuses, but trust me...you will get a real university experience.
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Affrikah Affrikah
if youre not sure about major, go to the college that has more choices of major. why is depaul so lacking in the collegiate experience? and can't you go to an instate public college and save some money maybe? who wants to go to Iowa? LOL I went to a private college ( edgewood in Madison WI) and i just kick myself i dind't 'go to the University of Wisconsin instead because Edgewood was so improverished major wise, activities wise ya know?
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Thorley Thorley
Wait wait wait... If you realize this is in the wrong column, why would you put it here? Pick Iowa State
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Thorley Originally Answered: Which school is better, University of Missouri (Mizzou) or University of Iowa?
Hi Tori You can do your prerequisite coursework at several of the excellent Illinois public universities and save a bunch of money. There is zero academic or financial advantage to going out of state. Both UIC and NIU offer excellent programs.

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