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June 24, 2019 / By Jehovah
Question: Does anyone know exactly what effects it would have on an unborn baby? I do not smoke. I would just like to know if anyone knows what can happen (and is speaking from experience).
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Gedaliah Gedaliah | 10 days ago
THERE HAVE BEEN STUDIES! PLEASE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU ANSWER TO A SERIOUS QUESTION Pot and pregnancy don’t mix. Marijuana use can reduce fertility in both men and women, making it difficult to conceive. If you are pregnant, you need to know that marijuana crosses the placenta and can affect your baby. Marijuana use during pregnancy has been linked to low birthweight in the baby and withdrawal-like symptoms including excessive crying, and tremors (shaking). Some studies suggest that children exposed to marijuana while in the womb are at increased risk of attention disorders and learning problems later in life. If you are already pregnant, there is no evidence that marijuana smoking in the past will harm your baby.
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Gedaliah Originally Answered: Smoking Marijuana/Weed?
In past experience, it DID heighten some senses, but dulled others (touch, sight). Sex is better, because you are not so tense and anxious! Movies on a big screen TV or theater - now that's a trip! Like everything else from my youth (I'm 44), things that were OK then are now in public perception bad, or just plain illegal - because some dope who couldn't handle it did something catastrophic, and ruined it for the rest of us! Possession used to be only a misdemeanor ticket, now it's a class 4 Felony in some states! On another note; did you know that excessive speeding is now a Felony in some states?? That's right, you're WHOLE life can be ruined permanently for a traffic infraction!!!!! Most good companies won't hire people with a felony, and don't care what the charge is! Learn to say "How may I help you!"

Dickie Dickie
I know of a lot of women who have smoked marijuana while pregnant and their children are totally fine, no missing limbs or fingers. They're not slow or mentally challenged, they are in fact, normal, functional people ( ages: between infant-adult hood). At least marijuana is all natural and is used by Kemo patience's as well as other people who suffer from other ailments. It has a totally different effect on you, then lets say beer, or cocaine or man made chemicals, they are harmful and at times be very deadly. I'm not saying it is right or it is wrong to smoke marijuana while pregnant, that is totally up to the woman herself. I have talked to a few Dr's that actually told me that they would prefer to see a woman smoke marijuana then drink booze (including beer). I think this saying is rather fitting: God created Marijuana & man created Alcohol. Who do you trust?
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Billy Billy
There have been no real medical studies that deal with this issue. However, the effects of smoking cigarettes are well known (low birth weight, premature birth risk, many other potential issues). Smoking pot has many of the same risks as cigaette smoke so best idea: Don't smoke anything while you are pregnant.
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Acer Acer
My sisters baby was born with deformities. 3 fingers on one hand, and no toes on one foot. Also she (my neice) has a gap in her upper lip. Doctors say this was in fact caused by the marijuana my sister smoked during pregnancy. I highly suggest not smoking it at all, but if you absolutely must, please do not do it while you are pregnant, for the sake of the child.
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Sophie Sophie
That would be a question to ask a doctor. But with any drugs you will need to worry about low birth weight. You also need to make sure it is just mary jane and not laced with anything.
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Posey Posey
I know my mom smoked when she was pregnant with me and I am fine. But honestly I wouldn't want to do anything to that has the potential to harm my baby.
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Maura Maura
I used to look in my mom's medical book and it can really F*** up your baby. It could be deformed, menthal, retarded or somethinf worse.
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Latisha Latisha
My mom used to get high when she was carrying me. It didn't have any adverse effect that I know of. .
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Latisha Originally Answered: Does smoking marijuana damage one's DNA?
No. "When adverse outcomes are found, they are inconsistent from one study to another, always relatively minor, and appear to have no impact on infant health or mortality.13 For example, in one recent study, researchers reported a statistically significant effect of marijuana on birth length. The marijuana-exposed babies, on average, were less than two-tenths of one inch shorter than babies not exposed to marijuana.14 Another study found a negative effect of marijuana on birth weight, but only for White women in the sample.15 In a third study, marijuana exposure had no effect on birth weight, but a small negative effect on gestational age.16 Overall, this research indicates no adverse effect of prenatal marijuana exposure on the physical health of newborns." http://www.mothering.com/articles/pregnancy_birth/birth_preparation/marijuana-side4.html

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