I got the admission for spring 2010 in university of maryland instead of fall 2009?

I got the admission for spring 2010 in university of maryland instead of fall 2009? Topic: Admission university
July 16, 2019 / By Kalisha
Question: I just got a letter from university of maryland which said i got the admission for spring 2010 but they can't offer me fall admission due to the space limitation. Is it true? or that's just an excuse to make me feel better, the real reason is that im not good enough? Please tell me. Thanks!
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Best Answers: I got the admission for spring 2010 in university of maryland instead of fall 2009?

Hadley Hadley | 7 days ago
hey i got accepted into spring as well and i did my research and its just that all fall accepted freshmen had a stronger academic record but remeber its hard to get into that shool so all students accepted in the spring have good grades as well just not as good as fall freshmen but still good enough to get accepted into the school. once the senior class graduates after the fall semester and people go off the their study abroad programs there will be room and thats why we are admitted in spring. Dont be mad i was mad for about a week but once you step back you realize that YOU GOT INTO THE UNIVERSITY so be happy
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Dlila Dlila
Maryland traditionally admits their stronger applicants in the fall semester -- and they're sometimes overcrowded, with students sometimes packed 3 to a standard dorm room. It's not an ideal situation for those students. Some students will flunk out, some will get homesick and leave, others will choose to transfer or just decide that college isn't for them. That creates some openings in the spring semester, which allows them to admit additional students who are also qualified (rather than reject them entirely). Your success at Maryland will depend entirely on your effort there and not when you are admitted.
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Carlin Carlin
That sounds odd. Won't all the students from fall still be there in spring? They wouldn't of sent anything to "make you feel better". I would call and talk to admissions office.
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Andrina Andrina
I know that they have a rolling admission; my guess is that the fall semester was already filled up with qualified students. You may meet their standards and they still may want you so they admitted you to the spring.
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Wil Wil
It does probably mean that there were people who were better qualified that got into the fall program but that's OK, it's only a couple of months difference in the grand scheme of life.
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Sandford Sandford
just be thankful you got it. you could have been rejected. Edit: and it's not a really bad thing that you got into spring 2010. maybe that'll give you a bit time to find yourself(traveling the world- you learn alot about other peoples cultures and their society)
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