@Marine5 Are the Marines in need of combat engineers?

@Marine5 Are the Marines in need of combat engineers? Topic: Data research services
June 26, 2019 / By Geffrey
Question: I was told to re-ask and address you specifically. I'm looking at combat engineer as a possible MOS and I know that you are only guaranteed the field not the MOS, what are my chances of getting it, I took the practice ASVAB at the recruiters office and got an 80, he said that was pretty good but will that help my cause at all? I'm also considering something in communications maybe data network specialist
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Dicky Dicky | 3 days ago
As stated I have no way of knowing what the Corps is in need of at any given time... If they send you to the CE MOS School, can't see why you wouldn't qualify for it... Data Network Specialist is a Superb MOS if you can qualify for it... The Military Schools are the Best way to learn it the right way... also great for when you get out... I have been Medically Discharged from the Corps since 30Nov1972...100% SC Combat Disabled... So I became a Veterans Service Officer and work with Disabled Veterans attempting to file a Comp Claim with the VA... I Do Not work for the VA or any Government entity... See where a lot of Wannabes have started their Rumor Mill up again... It is always interesting to see them squirm when caught BSing on here... Don't trust my answers do your own research...
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Blain Blain
Garine 5, like the rest of us, cannot look at the recruiters site to see what MOS's are under strength and what ASVAD score they require dear!
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Blain Originally Answered: I would like the input of lady marines, I'm thinking about joining the marines?
There are no "lady" Marines in the Marine Corps. There are women Marines or more correctly, just Marines. Marine Corps basic is designed for you to succeed. Even though you won't really believe it, the Drill Instructors will do everything they can to make sure you succeed. It is hard but it isn't impossible. You do have to get in shape though. If you haven't ever ran before, start out slow and work yourself up to three miles. Also, work on your core strength. If you know how to swim, start swimming laps. Swimming works every major muscle group including your arms, legs and stomach. All three areas that have to be strong in order to be able to meet your PFT goals and the physical demands put on us during training. Also, the Marine Corps is transitioning from the flex hang to pull ups for Women Marines. So, if you have never done one, go to a gym and start lifting weights. Find someone who can show you how to do a proper pull up. You only have to do a minimum of three but why only do the minimum. If you are a junk food addict, try to cut out the soda and the French fries. And if you smoke, stop. You are just shooting yourself in the foot if you do all that preparing to go to basic and you continue to smoke. As for your MOS, study for the ASVAB. Get a list of MOSs that you like and find out what score you have to get in order to be it. Do not leave anything to chance because four years is a really long time stuck in a MOS(job) you don't like. I didn't like my MOS but I was stuck in it and could not get out during my enlistment. As for graduating school, I'm assuming you mean college. You have to have a high school diploma or 15 college credits to join the Marines. If you are in college, I would suggest you stay in it unless you are getting nothing out of it except a lot of debt. Some people are not ready for college when they graduate from high school and going into the military is a good way to figure out who and what you are and what you are interested in. I know personally had I gone to college straight from high school, I would not have done as well as I did when I went five years later after I got out of the Marines. It is getting late here but if you are really interested in joining the Marine Corps, feel free to write me. I will be happy to tell you whatever you want about life as a Woman Marine.

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