What do you want for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas? Topic: Case starbucks
May 23, 2019 / By Geffrey
Question: I'm looking for ideas on what I can get some of my friends and family and I'm a little behind on Christmas shopping >.<
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Dicky Dicky | 3 days ago
I want an iPad mini but I doubt you'll be getting one for your friends xD here are a few small things I'd like if I don't get one - new phone case - Taylor swift wonderstruck perfume - Starbucks gift card - iTunes gift card - headphones - panda / other giant stuffed animal - candy - money (not much, just like $10 - $20)
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Dicky Originally Answered: The Christmas quiz pt 2-The Traditions of Christmas-can you answer these questions about Christmas correctly?
1a) Christmas tree 1b) Hanging a Christmas stocking 1c) Eating a Christmas dinner 2) Christmas traditions originally came from other countries, specically in Europe, eg: Christmas trees are German, eggnog is... Scandinavian I think, and Father Christmas is English, Santa Claus is Dutch and the whole star concept comes from the Middle East. 3) American Christmas traditions probably came to America on your equivalent of the First Fleet. Additional traditions, came from all of your immigrants.
Dicky Originally Answered: The Christmas quiz pt 2-The Traditions of Christmas-can you answer these questions about Christmas correctly?
1 i Father Christmas ii. Christmas Tree iii. Mistletoe 2. In Europe 3. Just put the blame on the people from Ellis Island.

Blain Blain
CD's! That's practically all I ever get! And clothes. I personally want Black Veil Brides, Asking Alexandria, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco ect. CD's and clothes from Blue Banana!
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Acey Acey
I got a Golden Retriever/Lab puppy as an early present. I got him right before Halloween actually. haha Well we sold two of our goats and we had the chance to get our dog a playmate so we did. My husband is giving me a Le Pan Android tablet. I think I'm also getting a crock pot (mine broke). He said he's getting me lots of surprises. I can't imagine what they are. I just wanted the puppy.
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Acey Originally Answered: Is Christmas From Christianity and how does a Christmas tree protect people from the dangers of the Winter?
Its a secular holiday no doubt. Although its the time of the year that Christians celebrate Jesus Birth. How it got to a birth of a savior to a fat man in a constume handing out resents and eating cookies is beyond me. ( american views of it) And the irnic thing is now people dont say " merry Christmas" its " Happy holidays" just trying to take religion out of a holiday. The story dates back to the 1800's St, Nickolas would go to the poor and starving and wrap up fruit and lay it on the door step in the village. When people woke up, they had fruit to eat. It became bigger with huge fiests in the middle of the streets on Christmas eve. And now its completely different. I think that people miss the point- and lets face it EVERYONE- no matter what religion you belive loves Christmas. But yes, as parents I think it is important to celebrate the REASON FOR THE SEASON! My family tries to help people all year- not just on Christmas. And we instill in our son the Meaning of ( the American holiday) of CHRISTmas. Jesus birth is what we celebrate. We go to church, read scripture and keep on giving.

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