Is Yahoo Answers hosted in other forums?

Is Yahoo Answers hosted in other forums? Topic: Keyword based article writing
July 17, 2019 / By Shebah
Question: I was surfing in net and I saw this "Idolupdate" forum...I was suprised because the nicknames were veeeery familiar....Looking further in YA,I realise that is exactly the same http://idolupdate.com/forum/viewtopic.ph... http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... Ipek,seems like this forum, took everything related in Eurovision and copy to this forum (to look like active?who knows?) I have never wrote to such forum so Its obvious that the answers were taken from Yahoo Answers. I ll probably issue this to Yahoo Answers team
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Pattie Pattie | 7 days ago
Hi Yes I have seen this lots of times. When you sign up, then it is in the details that this info is permitted for use to 3rd parties. A lot of questions are posted into specific forums e.g. these usually appear in travel ones. IT ones are common as well It is not always the case that the user name is carried, but sometimes it is. Also it is forum layout (basic text). Even the stupid troll questions are sometimes found there as well, so it is just a filter based on keywords or on categories. I don't know if Yahoo benefit from this (but I assume so) e.g. in receiving payment for this or a portion of the advertising revenue on these sites etc. e.g. see here http://www.journalism.co.uk/2/articles/5...
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Y staff do not moderate YA, WE do - we are all Community Moderators and this is the hundredth time explaining this thousands of violations pouring in every day - there are 200 million of us and only a handful of Y employees - just think about that for a minute... and try to figure out how fast Yahoo would have to close down YA due to it being overrun by spam and trolls, not to mention porn and extremely explicit and vulgar sexual content trusted members EARNED that trust and the ability to delete what they report by ACCURATELY reporting thousands of violations with almost none being overturned on appeal those who report poorly quickly lose their status at trusted members why do you think that a Q is immune from being reported once it has a BA? - there is no statute of limitations on violations - ones from eight years ago are reportable and should be reported as no one wants to do a search and find an old post with porn or racism in it! ==================== this is why we need to see the WHOLE post: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:vuuwL80ToL0J:https://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index%3Fqid%3D20140520043732AA6jhry+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca "And also Who do you think the intended audience is? What are three things the writer does to reach that audience? What appears to be the writers purpose? And lastly do you think the writer achieves that purpose? Why? Best answer and ten points to whoever can all answer the questions I stated in this question :-)" this is clearly a solicitation for homework, given the formality of the long list of questions you asked under the main header - your one answer showing in the cache is a violation but that person knows you are soliciting homework then you defiantly posted it again but left out the list of questions, but turned it into a rant violation by lashing out at the douchebag who reported it well, guess what, that douchebag is no douchebag but a seasoned reporter who knew this was a violation and lo and behold, you lost your appeal 145 appeals on 145 violations or 145 appeals on this one? either way, that should tell you you need to figure out what you're doing in this site

Mariabella Mariabella
Many forums use content from other sites such as Yahoo! Answers. They are not actually forum sites. I don't even know what their aim is. Maybe they are new sites and trying to get more hits / users and using Yahoo to get to that point. They don't create their own content instead use the other sites' substances. You can see Youtube videos in other sites with the same user names comments etc. as well. I don't think Yahoo can do anything about it.
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Klara Klara
people would desire to go with a ultimate answer and qualify their selection interior the comments section. i think of a few people ask a lot of questions they each from time to time forget to stick to with the aid of. it may well be intense high quality if the YA pc application would desire to right now generate a reminder. it might help lots do not you think of? some all of us is particularly not inquiring for objective solutions. they desire validation. Out of paranoia or and an unwillingness to evaluate different evaluations, those varieties are continuously going to %. the respond that maximum resembles their very very own perspectives.
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Jasmin Jasmin
??? That is odd. Never heard that forums name before but it seems like we all wrote there sometime. Hope someone with better knowledge than I can explain what is going on.
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Eunice Eunice
i have seen different versions in many place. rss mirrors of yahoo answers:D even some of them was just about so-called armenian genocide, they changed my answers:) ** by the way, Rss(Rich Site Summary) u can see rss for this question at this link. http://answers.yahoo.com/rss/question;_y... another webmasters take rss links and they convert these questions to into their web pages.
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