My 3 year old keeps biting her nails?

My 3 year old keeps biting her nails? Topic: How to write a will in texas free
July 15, 2019 / By Cassidy
Question: Okay, ever since she was 2 years old, I noticed that when she was watching TV, playing games, etc., she would bite her nails. Yes, I convinced her to stop. I thought she stopped forever after that, but she didn't. I don't even know how I figured out she still bites her nails after ONE WHOLE YEAR, but that's crazy. She doesn't suck her thumb, chew her straw, keep anything in her mouth, she just bites her nails. I found out when she was in bed asleep and I walked in. She was wide awake and she was biting her nails. I asked her how long has she been doing this and she said "forever mommy!" And about a week ago, she was biting her nails while I was cooking (I didn't see), and she started to cry. I ran over and saw half her pinky-nail was ripped. I gave her a Band-Aid and treated her, but after that I gave her a time out. Before you all say time out wasn't needed, I tell her DAILY not to bite her nails, but nope. Help me please. Oh, and she even bites it when there's nail polish. Linda, I'm not caring about her nails, I'm caring about her health. Her fingers hurt bad and I use a pack of Band-Aids in a week. If I stop caring about her nails, she'd be crying all day due to her nail-biting.
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Annabel Annabel | 2 days ago
I used to suck on food, when I was younger, then chew them and swallow them. She's 3. (you here means her). I was a nail biter for 25 years, but you need to find some kind of therapy because that is considered OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. When you dropped one problem, you end up with a new problem. Until recently 1-06-14 they discovered Routine Nail Biting, Hair Pulling could be Excoriation Disorder Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) has released its 2013 edition and the good news it carries may be for you as well. Want to know why? DSM-5 has added 'excoriation disorder' in the list of a number of health problems. Since, the problem is acknowledged in written, those suffering with this problem may get an insurance coverage to get it treated. To mention a few, in excoriation disorder, the sufferers tend to bite their nail until they start bleeding and tear the calluses of their heels until it becomes too painful to walk. According to Doug Woods, Director of the Department of Psychology at Texas A&M University, normally people get engaged in such behavior when free or bored, because initially such behavior is very soothing. However, a 4% of the total population takes this behavior to an extreme and risky level. A study conducted on the college students from the University of Delaware in the States has revealed that as many as 15% of the total 1300 students are used to pull their hair frequently. A shocking 30% of the total even picked their skin until it got scabbed. The findings also suggest that this behavior is more common among women. SOLUTION: You can start up a new hobby, knitting, crocheting, and the idea is to keep your hands busy, so there's no reason to bite your nails. Playing the piano, or answering YA! is another way to keep your fingers busy. I make funky flowers hair accessories, and I'm a vendor. Doing something I'm passionate about and loving it! Bring a nail file, so when you have the urge to start chewing your nails, bring out the nail file and file away. That way you have no reason to chew! I was a nail bitter for 25 years. I recently dropped hot glue on one finger, and it affected my nail inside, and it had been growing brittle, that each time a new nail starts to grow, it was sharp, and it makes everything I touch catches on it, and it makes me pick on that nail. But, I frequently file it away, so it is nice & smooth. Almost like 1-2 days! My doctor says it will take a year for it to go back to normal. Number one: keep your fingers occupied. Take up a new hobby, also try chewing gum - sugarfree pref. (Another reason why I love to type, & a TC on YA!) Second: try to make your fingers look nice, let them grow. That way you'll have a good reason NOT to bite them.
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Annabel Originally Answered: What is the best way to stop biting my nails?
Get acrylic ones done for a while or gel nails at a salon, cause the store brought ones come off fast, -solved my problem! See they come out so nice you won't want to bite them and then the nail polish will probably taste nasty, also biting too hard on the acrylics hurt.
Annabel Originally Answered: What is the best way to stop biting my nails?
There is this stuff in a red bottle at Wal-Mart that looks like clear nail polish called "Hoof-Hands". You put it on just like nail polish, but when you bite your nails, it stops you from biting with a little bitter taste. Nothing to make you want to vomit, but you don't chew your nails. I have had it on for three weeks, and my nails are long. You should try it

Winfred Winfred
It's nerves. She's nervous about something and by constantly nagging her and scolding her your making it worse rather than better. Maybe she's nervous because of your constant pressure about biting her nails. You have set up a vicious circle. Leave her alone, stop bugging her about her nails all the time, stop focusing on this one negative thing and instead focus on all the positives and good things she does. Her confidence will rise, she won't be so nervous all the time and the nail biting will go away.
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Shad Shad
Bargaining with a 3 year old is no easy task look into things like stop n grow i dont know if they are suitable for children if you can, get her one like this, as it dries very easily, and you just dip a finger into the tub, it has a sponge inside http://www.superdrug.com/Pretty-Quik/Pre... you could do it while she sleeps
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Shad Originally Answered: How can i stop biting my nails and the skin around it?
I tried all sorts of things over the years to quit nail biting and nothing worked for more than a few weeks until I discovered hypnosis. I was actually in a hypnosis class and the instructor needed a volunteer to demonstrate on. After a 25 minute guided visualization I never bit my nails again. Seriously. The thing is, when you have been biting your nails for a long time it is a subconscious habit. This means that you often start biting your nails without realizing that you are doing it. With enough will power and awareness you can stop once you are aware you are doing it, but to some extent the damage is already done. Probably every one of us has had that experience of finding your fingers moving toward your mouth all on their own. Hypnosis solves this problem by bringing the habit out of your subconscious, making it conscious, and then removing the underlying urge to bite all together.d Here's a great free report all about ending nail biting, including 20 methods for quitting : http://www.stopbitingyournailsnow.com Good Luck!

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