A question about English grammar?

A question about English grammar? Topic: Grammar writing a book title
July 17, 2019 / By Keeleigh
Question: I'm studying English. I have a question about English. Could the phrase "an English book" mean "a book written in English"? Does the phrase usually "a book for studying English" or "a book about the English language"? Thanks in advance.
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Ilean Ilean | 9 days ago
Yes, "an English book", could mean a book written in English or about English and it could be fiction or non fiction. A title could mean anything. If you're looking for a book for yourself to study English, I'd recommend going to the children's section and looking up books about learning English spelling, grammar, phrases, words and then as you learn move up to nonfiction books about studying English. I applaud you, English is a very hard lanagauage if it isn't your first language!
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I guess the assignment is to change each active voice sentence to passive and each passive voice sentence to the active voice, but that seems really odd. The first clause of number one is in the passive, "cannot be digested." The active version: Turtles cannot digest plastic bags, and the bags block the turtles' stomachs and cause death. Number two's "further researches are planned" is also passive (and I think "research is planned" is much better). Here is one possible rewrite in the active voice: "Scientists plan further research to study the effects...." Number three is in the active voice; here is the passive version: However, the land can be hurt by overgrazing.
Ilean Originally Answered: A simple English question related to grammar and stuff??
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Effie Effie
Yes. It could mean a book in English. It could also be a book entirely on the subject and not on how to speak the language. And yes, the other expression is for studying English.
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Chelle Chelle
It can mean either, a lot of English is ambiguous which is all part of its charm. ''I said to the Gym instructor "Can you teach me to do the splits?'' He said, ''How flexible are you?'' I said, ''I'm not available on Tuesdays'' Which meaning it is supposed to have should be obvious from the rest of the text.
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The person who told you not to translate is correct. The reason is that culture is a major part of any language. Of course translating is necessary at the beginning of your study but you should eventually begin to START thinking in English. Instead of translating word for word, translate ideas and situations. To improve your grammar, you're going to need native English speakers who will be honest with you and correct your mistakes when you make them. You have to be receptive to their feedback, make notes, and try to make the changes next time. The key is to change your bad habits into good habits. Pay close attention when native speakers are speaking and always keep in mind context and situation. To start, be aware especially of these things: Verb tense Plural/singular Spelling (using capital letters, etc.)

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