I have bad credit, and small criminal background w/ traffic violations. can I still get into NAVY Spec Ops?

I have bad credit, and small criminal background w/ traffic violations. can I still get into NAVY Spec Ops? Topic: Civil case secrets
June 26, 2019 / By Uz
Question: So I'm still in the process of getting down for a physical and into MEPS. So far things that I think that may hold me back.... Although my ex has full-custody of my son (we were never married but never went to court for son seeing I'm a stand-up father), I'm thinking it may need to have a court order or something along those lines.... not sure. I have a dismissed felony as a juvenile that shows on my record but shouldn't count against me. Underage Possession of Alcohol as an adult And various traffic violations, improper use of tag, speed tickets, careless driving. I have bad credit as well with many things in collections, although working with a debt settlement company to clear this up before I enter. Will I be barred from the military entirely or will one branch accept me over another? I wanted to be in NAVY SWCC but if I could get into the Marines or Army I would be fine as long as I could get a job I'd enjoy. Do you think this laundry list will keep me from secret clearance? thanks for any help. All of these charges in terms of criminal are 5 years old and longer. I'm 24 and have grown up a lot since then. Thanks for the quick responses.
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Best Answers: I have bad credit, and small criminal background w/ traffic violations. can I still get into NAVY Spec Ops?

Rodger Rodger | 9 days ago
The navy's standards are a little higher than the Army's. However, if you are scheduled to go to MEPS then your recruiter probably believes you can get in. I'll let you know how the Army will deal with you just in case you can't do the Navy. For your son, you would need a court order signed by a judge stating you have no physical custody of him if you are single. If you are married (doesn't have to be to your ex) then you don't need one. If your felony was dismissed then you can join but you just have to write a statement stating why you was charged in the first place. Traffic violations aren't a big deal as long as they are paid. Your credit won't stop you from joining but it can stop you from getting a security clearance. The reason, in the eyes of the government, is because people with horrible credit may be more likely to sell secrets to get out of debt. Regardless of which branch you enter, you can use the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act to reduce your interest rates to six percent if they are currently higher than that.
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Julian Julian
If I were a recruiter, I would wonder if I could depend on you making right decisions...and it is obvious you have a history of not doing that. And if you make poor decisions in the military, people die. Most likely you will be able to join the Navy, but you will have to prove yourself to advance. Just joining the military will not be enough to change who you are...you have to take a hard look at yourself and make the right decisions moving forward. Remember, integrity is doing the right thing...when nobody else is looking. Good luck.
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Harrie Harrie
I would say no because with bad credit and a background you will not be able to hold a top secret security clearance.
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Eldous Eldous
Each service has its own way of seeing the law . And each has its own ways of allowing , The Navy is more strict that the Army .
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