Did anyone else see the tomato strawberry story on yahoos main page?

Did anyone else see the tomato strawberry story on yahoos main page? Topic: Main sections of a research report
May 23, 2019 / By Lynna
Question: why is yahoo wasting their time with such dumb stories. there are so many more things going on in this world that need more coverage and they report some retarded redneck who thinks a strawberry grew in her tomato. this really goes for all news sources. they stopped reporting what matters and seem to have a collective mission to dumb down our country. denise is right this could have been a topic of great scientific discovery and research and if that were true it would definatly be newsworthy however is was just an ordinary tomato with an unordinary seen structure big freakin deal.
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Best Answers: Did anyone else see the tomato strawberry story on yahoos main page?

Keeleigh Keeleigh | 8 days ago
omg i think the same thing every day. their "featured stories" are always ridiculous crap. if i wanted an update on lindsey lohan's every move, i'd check yahoo's main page. meanwhile, the real news is buried within the news section. i am deeply concerned about the future of journalism.
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Ilean Ilean
This is not a "dumb story" and I live near this area and it has been checked out prior to becoming newsworthy as far as the validity from an agricultural viewpoint thus far. You are one person with obviously a narrow viewpoint on what to you should be deemed newsworthy. When a sports team goes to the World Series, Super Bowl, etc. I may not see that as being newsworthy, however, I know there are others that do and that is what adults learn to do, learn to be accepting to what may be of interest to others besides themselves. I am into agriculture, botany, science and this could possibly be useful information. Most of our plants today are here because we have learned to cross breed one species of plant with another to produce many other varieties. Your average diet probably includes many of these species whether you are aware of it or not. Depending upon the accuracy and the specifics of this one case, it could be of great scientific study and usefulness worldwide in the field of agriculture, science and in its general usefulness as far as nutrition. By your usage of the words "retarded redneck" I think you have been dumbed down long before this yahoo story came out.
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Effie Effie
Yes, and I had a similar reaction. But then again, I think it's just the nature of the beast. Yahoo news is essentially a newspaper that many people have in front of them throughout the day that can be updated constantly. The questions that I asked myself after seeing this story was: How does Yahoo collect its news content? What are Yahoo's criteria for content?
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Chelle Chelle
Yes, I watched it. I think it's a little stereotypical to assume the lady is a redneck. But in all honesty I do not think it deserved that coverage.That's a little hometown news story.
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Arlie Arlie
confident. thrice in a week approximately 2 weeks in the past. uncertain why i by surprise desperate to try this, yet i did. and that i've got been given a team of thumbs up and somebody asking if i replaced into single... i haven't accomplished it because haha.
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Zechariah Zechariah
I just really want to bite it and taste it. I love tomatoes (prolly my fave veggie, that is, if it is a veggie) and who doesn't love strawberries??? (not my fave fruit or berry, but still damn good.)
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