Can I get into Harvard University, what are my chances?

Can I get into Harvard University, what are my chances? Topic: Chinese writing services
July 17, 2019 / By Leia
Question: Ok, so I'm a junior in the Culver Academies (a pretty good school), my average GPA throughout High School is about a 3.85 unweighted, I take 4 APs and my SAT scores are: 760 Math, 710 Reading and 730 Writing. I got a 33 on my ACT. On my subject test (Harvard is asking for 3 of them) I got 800 in French listening (since my mom is French) 790 on World History and 800 on Math level 1. I have lots of extracurriculars, including 3 summer jobs at important banks, 3 years varsity rugby, 3 years varsity crew (and team captain), a lot of community service (team captain) etc.... I've worked in orphanages, retirement homes and a lot of other public institutions. I'm also fluent in French, Spanish and English and learning Chinese (just done with chinese 3 honors, and I'm going to China for the summer). I'll also be applying as an international student. My rank in Culver is Battalion Sergeant Major (second highest rank for a junior), I've been class president for three years now and I'm in the model UN and Quiz-bowl team. My teacher recommendations are also really good. And I'm originally from Paraguay. What do you think, do I have a shot?
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Jonette Jonette | 6 days ago
Of course you have a shot, everyone does. But will you be accepted that depends is your family rich? (worth more than $3 million dollars) If not then I have to say no. Thousands of valedictorians apply and are rejected with the same if not better credentials.
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Jonette Originally Answered: What do you think my chances are of getting into Harvard?
You seem to have what they're looking for. Although you probably need to take the SAT again and get above 2000. Although explaining your situation in your personal statement will help. This site has more details about getting into harvard if you wanna check it out. http://www.collegebound.net/content/getting-into-harvard/ Good luck!!
Jonette Originally Answered: What do you think my chances are of getting into Harvard?
they are going to inspect it very harshly because those instructions are introductory classes (in many cases not that puzzling). also, purely because you made straight away As on your sophomore twelve months would not warranty that you'll do an similar as an higher classification-guy. again, you're taken intro classes, not field particular classes. once you start up going deeper interior your meant important(s), college will grow to be an entire new ball sport. In end, your danger of admission to an Ivy is a lot decrease because of your GPA. you may prefer to tug of an exceptionally severe LSAT and GRE/GMAT and achieve something wonderful (like a sparkling stumble on on your field or an quite prestigious award) to be referred to as even "aggressive." per chance you should quit being very all in favour of faculty and concentrate on your college artwork - there is continually time to be all in favour of your community when you graduate.
Jonette Originally Answered: What do you think my chances are of getting into Harvard?
About 7% Look up your intended school at www.cappex.com. They put a map of unweighted GPA versus SAT scores on one of the pages. Look your scores up and you can estimate your chances. Five Biggest Myths About College Admissions: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/...

Geneva Geneva
of course you have a shot! You're resume is spectacular! I wouldn't be surprised at all if you got accepted....I also wouldn't be surprised if you got denied however. Harvard denies many overqualified people every year. A kid at my school had a 4.79 academic GPA and a 2200 on his SAT's and he got denied Harvard, Yale, and Columbia. You should definately apply, but have some back-ups as well.
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Geneva Originally Answered: Chances of Harvard? (2400 sat)?
Mmm I don't know if you're Harvard Material if you're asking this question on Yahoo! But yeah obviously you can get into Harvard if all of this that you're saying is true. And If you took 7 AP classes and passed them in the high 90's your GPA should be more than 4.0, so I think you're lying, but anyways talk to your school counselor about this and your counselor should help you get started with your application for Harvard. I definitely agree with *MINERVA MALONE* If you're so smart you should already know all this, if you get a high score on the ACT's and SATs your school counselor tells you immediately that you have a chance into getting into an Ivy League School and you'll get crazy amounts of letters from Universities fighting for you to go to their school... So I think you're lying.
Geneva Originally Answered: Chances of Harvard? (2400 sat)?
Kids expecting to attend upper-tier universities are expected to be smart enough to know how to use the computer to look up individual colleges' entrance requirements - since EVERY college/university lists theirs on their website.

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