What do you guys think I should do (heart broken / suicidal?

What do you guys think I should do (heart broken / suicidal? Topic: How to write a speech about someone you love
July 16, 2019 / By Jeana
Question: i have done every possible thing to be nice to her even get notes i almost fought my best friend cuz he said so while she was passing by she don't no about this. im a very nice honest and easy to get used kind of guy helpful in every way possible i do every thing to get her cheered up and get a smile out of her i tried the best to get help in our class but we ended up failing it i guess she blames me for it. I asked her to the movies 1st she said text me and I did no reply then 2 nd time I said let's go to te movies and she said she is too busy srry. idk wtf to do how do i get her attention. when ever i text her jokes or something she barely replies and takes hours to respond and puts a ! after every thing almost. i mean i try to make her laugh and take her to the mall every thing i even slave my self to pick and hold her stuff like her heavy *** text books and notebooks. i asked her y she dont reply some times she said shes always busy. i think is bull ****. and out of random she starts acting like im a complete stranger and tells me to go do something else while im helping her as if she wants me to **** off. how can i get her to be intrusted in my now that college is on summer vacation please guys help me thanks i text ed her a couple days ago but she never replied me. I don't want this girl a girl who makes me suffer but. Wanna let her no I'm always there for her i texter her the other day lets meetup she never replied. i dont care if she doesn't want me that's not the problem the problem is ignoring my texts on purpose. what do i do help me guys please i really need to release this emotion to her i have never felt so weak in my life. what do i do. its not like im forcing any thing to her they way she acts. she said she considered me as a friend and at one point we got really close she used to tell me her secrets and personal stuff that i didn't need to no but out of nowhere. what hurts the most the last 3 days she acted like she never even met me in her life time. i really cried those days she made me suffer. i have never cared about some one so much in my life. last 3 days i failed all my finals but i had A's in my class they were changed to a B. im so hurt. what do i do guys please give me an inspirational speech do i delete her off face book and my space. Please don't write hateful stuff please
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Fancy Fancy | 9 days ago
Sorry you are going through all that...and sorry to say, but if you make yourself too available to her, you are overly attentive...more interested in all her business than any of her other friends...she is backing away because she doesn't feel the same way about you. If you backed off and treated her like you would any other friend she wouldn't be so evasive. If she accepts your help one day and then won't talk to you the next then she is using you and is not deserving of your affection! I know it's hard to do, but you need to let her go. Sounds like you are a very loving and caring person...once you get over this (and you will) you can find someone who deserves your attention and feels the same way. I wouldn't delete her...just back off. If you really care about her, and you are able to without feeling mass grief, then having a friendship with her is better than nothing. Pretend that you don't notice her the way she is pretending to not notice you!
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Fancy Originally Answered: I'm suicidal, my heart is broken and I feel sick from it?
Hey, I really feel for you. I went through the exact same thing when I was 22. He was my first boyfriend and we dated for 3 years but knew each other for 5 years. When he broke up with me I didn't see it coming at all. I didn't believe him at first. Once I noticed he was no longer looking into my eyes or saying "I love you" back to me, I started to really realize it was real. I was miserable. I cried for what seemed like an eternity. I wanted to be around him again and smell him and cuddle him. All the things you are feeling. The thing I realized though, once my heart break started to let up a little bit ...was he wasn't worth it. I realized that I was in love with him, but he never was since it was so easy for him to leave me for another girl. I found out he cheated on me during our relationship. He admitted to one time, but I have a feeling it was more then that. What you should do is write all his flaws on a piece of paper...I realized what a moron he was after I did this (he did drugs, he once pushed me so hard my neck cracked, he cheated on me, he always picked fights with people in the street, his dad called me ugly, he kept breaking my heart). I then realized that my whole life wasn't based on this man's opinion of me. I am a beautiful person and if he couldn't see it, it's his loss! I'm 30 now, and I am happily married to the most wonderful man I have ever met (and I am not just saying that), the way he looks at me is so genuine and he cares about me, he makes me laugh all the time, he cries when he thinks of when we first met, he is always there, he is far beyond anyone I would have even dreamed to be with. We have a little family now as well :) This is what a true boyfriend is, and this was never my ex. I was just his booty call or a shoulder to cry on....or whatever the heck I was I don't even know. You need to stop blaming yourself for his wrongs. He is the one who messed up, not you. Don't wish for another chance with him, he will only hurt you again and again. True love knows know bounds. I know you are hurting, but this is your body's way of trying to tell you that he is wrong. He is hurting you so badly, why. You deserve someone so much better. You're whole life is ahead of you. For now I would focus on healing. I got over my ex after about 2 years, and I became a much better person for it. Whenever I see my ex now I can't believe I was even with him. Stay strong, you are beautiful :) I know it doesn't seem like it now, but you will be so happy you got through this. There is someone out there waiting for you, and this guy would punch your ex in the face. Keep strong and realize what a jerk your ex is. You have a lot of love to give, but please don't give it to him. He crushes it. Don't give him anything. Block him out of your life. Make him realize what he lost by not talking to him.

Constance Constance
1. the fact that she failed had nothing to do with you. 2. Why are you desiring attention from someone who is not willing to give it to you? Don't delete her off facebook or myspace. My friend, you need to find and love yourself before you try to love anyone else. This female may be pushing you off, but that's ok because there will be another female in the future who will appreciate the things that you do for her. You can't get down about this. Every heartbreak doesn't mean it's the end of the world. Every heartbreak is to make you stronger as well as to teach you what you should look for in a mate. So be strong my friend and know that the special female is well worth the wait. Meanwhile, don't waste your time trying to please a female who isn't worth it.
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Bertie Bertie
I would just forget about her. There are plenty of other girls who will treat you with respect. You deserve it! It just takes time.. Yes I'd delete her off of facebook and myspace and delete her number because those things would only remind you of her. I'm really sorry but she is just taking you for granted, only talking to you when she feels like it. Go out with friends and enjoy your summer :)
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Affton Affton
ignore the damaged heart please. the international is a lot extra effective with you part of it. Shy/sweet/stylish consistently wins interior the end over Sleazy/abrasive/trash. do not enable this one guy make you sense this depressed. you're so a lot extra effective off without him. You sound like you've some large values, follow them you'll discover happiness. I assure IT!!!! Your Knight will come.
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