Help in getting me an abortion?

Help in getting me an abortion? Topic: The worst case scenario band
July 17, 2019 / By Merrilyn
Question: I lite found this out a few moments ago. This girl I had sex with about 4 weeks ago after a show my band played at is now pregnant. I know her from school and we've hung out a little bit but like I know nothing about this girl, the only reason we hooked up was because I thought she had a nice body and good looking boobs. Well now she says she is positive its mine because she hasn't done it with anyone else in like 2 months; which i think could be total bs but she says she wants to keep it and maybe try to raise it as a family??? Seriously???? What can I do so Mandy has an abortion? Its mine too and I'm REALLY not ready for this. I was actually JUST making plans to go on tour with my band in the next few months. I DON'T need this. I can't afford child support and my band was just getting started on the right track. Like I said I don't know hardly anything about Mandy except that she is or WAS hott. What can i do so she gets an abortion? Do I HAVE to do child support? What options do I have I want to go on tour? Is there some law if you've had limited interaction with the mother before hand you don't have to be involved? It SERIOUSLY WAS A ONE NIGHT STAND!!! HELP ME!!!! I don't think youguys understand. I hardly knew her before hand if I told a judge she told me she was on the pill would that work? I can't do this right nwo. Both me and her are in High School will my parent's pay child support instead of me until I'm 18 or 21?
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Lessie Lessie | 3 days ago
ha ha.... that's what you get for sleeping with a hoe! No but seriously. there is nothing you can do to force it. possibly ignore her? my husband votes Rufe colada and pushing her down some stairs. lol. no but seriously... worst case scenario you will want a paternity test. your best bet is sharing custody b/c its cheaper to keep her. yes you will pay child support but it only depends on your income. if you don't make any money she doesnt get any. lol.
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Joss Joss
Keeping the baby is completly 100% up to the mother. You need to sit down and tell her that you're not ready to be a father and just take it from there..but seriously..if she is keeping it you should be around your baby..you will regret it at some point down the road..and your child will have a whole in it's life forever..If you can't afford child support then you need to get a job. Your band will have to wait, some things are more important. How is it fair that she has to do this on her own..you are just as much at fault..and as for an abortion, who the hell are you guys to say whether or not that baby should have a life..if she decides she doesnt want it..adoption..theres thousands of people who cant conceive and who would love to be a family. For next time you should use a condom..or better yet, keep your dick in your pants..so this doesn't happen again. I don't think your parents will have to pay for you being a man slut, you will more then likely be told to get a job. And seriously, you're young, you should be using condoms, you have no idea how many STD's are out there and many of them don't even have symptoms..and having sex with someone because they're hott isnt reason enough to get one..
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Gerry Gerry
Whether or not she keeps it is nothing you can change. It is 100% her choice. If she does keep it, she can go after you for support. You cannot remove yourself from it. There is no way for you to legally separate from the child, or your responsibilities to it. If you want to go on tour, and don't want to be with her or the baby, what is stopping you? I'm sure she is better off without you around pushing her to abort her baby. Next time, wrap it up. ADD: Oh, we understand you. You don't know/care about this girl. We get it. And just because she is pregnant it doesn't mean that she wasn't on the pill. Not that it matters. She could have completely trapped you, and the judge would still hold you responsible. Why? Because the support is for your child, not the mother. So no matter what the circumstances are with the mother, it is irrelevant. Legally, you support the baby. ADD: Yes, you may have screwed your parents as well until you are of age. Here is an example of a grandparent having to pay support, as ordered by the courts: http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/chil... ADD: Curious below is half right. If you BOTH agree, you can sign over rights to the child. However, you cannot do so without her consent. Meaning, if she wants you responsible, you will be. You can only get out of this if she allows you to.
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Delphine Delphine
You can try convincing her to get the abortion by telling her what you've just told us. But aside from this there isn't anything you can anything about it except than requesting a paternity test to confirm that the child is really yours. And yes, you will have to pay child support if the child is yours. And paying child support won't stop you in anyway of continuing touring with your band. Like anyone else, you'll just have to make sacrifices and cut on some other expenses if you wish to continue to be with you band.
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Cailyn Cailyn
if u had sex with her, that counts as knowing her enough u dotn wanna do this? tough ****, have fun paying child support and tell her htat u will not be the father, cuz her baby does not deserve to have the monster of a father that u are, but the monthly checks will be very helpful to her and NO, the is no such law that lets a** holes like u get away with impregnatin adn then bailing out oh- and if you try to influence her to have an abortion, see u in hell, i hope u have a fun time going crazy douce- i cant believe i am even listening to thin- ur pure eeevil
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I have not had one! It's murder. No questions asked. If your mature enough to make a baby then are mature enough to take care of the baby. People have s3x and then end up getting pregnant and start saying "well i didnt ask for this" reality check yuh did. You knew what would happen if you had unprotected s3x. If you dont want a baby then give it up for adoption. Its not the childs fault. Dont kill an innocent baby because u want to b selfish.

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