Question about sex. I'm sorry. It's for females?

Question about sex. I'm sorry. It's for females? Topic: Case sensitivity meaning
July 15, 2019 / By Aimie
Question: Okay.. Does anyone have any idea why it always hurts.. I mean I've had sex alot but everytime we start it hurts for a minute.. And I can't have an orgasm no matter what we do I cannot have an orgasm.. Does anyone know why that is? No.. There is plenty of lubrication..
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Tone Tone | 2 days ago
Actually, the question doesn't aim to all girls because sex feels different to each of us. The only time sex truly hurts for me is when I have a partner with a huge penis and he moves to fast, however, when he goes slowly, it feels great. In fact, sex in general feels great to me, but it could hurt to the next girl. We're different. I could help you make your own deduction based on why you feel pain during sex. First of all, does your vagina lubricate enough? If not, that could be a cause of pain because the sensitivity of the vagina and interacting friction combined with dryness could cause pain, almost similar to burning and scraping sometimes. Simply make yourself get lubricated enough, as it's a natural thing, but if you can't, you may have to use artificial lubrication. I don't recommend taking estrogen steroids. Secondly, how big is your partner's penis or how small is your vagina? Big penis + small vagina + fast sex = painful sex. If this is the case, maybe it would feel better if he went slowly. As for you not having an orgasm, you probably have trouble achieving vaginal orgasm. That usually happens when the guy doesn't exactly hit you 'G-spot.' That's an area in the vagina where the pleasure feels even more extreme, and can make you orgasm quite quickly. I read it's happens to some girls. Nevertheless, you always have clitoral orgasm as a substitute. Therefore, you have nothing to worry. Simply experiment during sex to find out what's good for you, find a way to orgasm, utilize it, and enjoy having sex.
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Tone Originally Answered: This question goes to all females?
I love that idea. I think there are also so many great campaigns (like the Dove campaign for women) that show women of all ages that all women are beautiful, no matter what media tries to tell us. I wrote about this study in a similar post, but the results amazed me so I will definitely share it again. They did a study with American women and women from another country (I still don't remember the name of the country). As Americans we see advertisements everyday. We see all the messages, subliminal and otherwise, that tell us we need to look a certain way. Whether it's the perfectly proportioned woman posing half-naked next to a bottle of beer on a billboard or the airbrushed models on the front of a magazine. American women see these advertisements everywhere. But what this study did was compare the views of these women based on their exposure to the media. So American women are fed an unhealthy dose of media that tells them that they need to be stick skinny, have beautiful long hair, the perfect figure, etc. All these women also had TV's in the house; something the other country did not (they also do not have advertisements like we do so they aren't given all these messages about how they should look). Go figure that the American women were insecure and saying they needed to lose a ton of weight (even if they were average weight or underweight even!) while the other group of women from another country were much curvier but LOVED how they looked. No one seemed insecure or wished to change anything. They then started placing TV's into the other country's homes and they found that very quickly the women from the other country started to diet. They felt less attractive in their curvier figures and started feeling insecure. They wanted to change things about themselves that before they were happy with. If this doesn't prove how much the media affects people I don't know what will. I also think young women are prone to these media messages because as a young girl you are trying to find yourself and make a statement. You see successful models and actresses and you want to be them. It's not a negative thing to want to emulate someone who is successful, independent, and smart. That's great! But it's when they see themselves differently, and negatively, and they start wanting to change themselves that we need to step back and figure out what's going on. With the above study giving the types of results that it did the only solution I can come up with is a bit extreme, but perhaps necessary. Parents should not let their children watch shows that give a negative self-image (all those shows that talk about the stars on MTV and VH1; reality TV....). That goes for all kids. Perhaps even going as far as to turn the TV off or not have one in the house (I haven't had cable in over a year. I rent movies on Netflixs but that's it..I love the freedom of no cable. And I just get my news online.) But we can't forget that boys and young men (of all ages) can be just as insecure with their looks, but no one makes as big a deal about it. But I think that both boys and girls should have a limit to the type of TV they watch. I also think that focusing too much on yourself and your appearance, can be detrimental. When anyone starts to do this, go volunteer your time for non-profit groups and for people who really ARE less fortunate. It will make you feel like your troubles are anything but big. All in all, I thinkn a message board would be a nice way for people to talk about their issues and have other people provide help, support, and sympathy. But if you want to make a big statement start a non-profit group. It doesn't have to be a big one. You could even start it small and online. You never know who will want to get involved. You could start it online, make a small group in your hometown, and then tell others how to start their own group in their state or town. I think organizations that can make a point and get into the community will make an impact.

Raynard Raynard
It could be his size or a number of different factors. It feels different for everyone. Try different positions or going slower. Also, most women can't have an orgasm through regular intercourse. They need clitoral stimulation. It's also very mental for women - if you are in a bad mood or uncomfortable or embarrassed, no matter what, you will not have an orgasm. It takes some women years and year to achieve orgasm and some never do.
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Matt Matt
Your not aroused enough prior to entry. You need to be open about this and talk about it. Buy a lubricant. If it hurts up the top, go to the doctors, you may have a cyst on the ovary or endometriosis. An easy ultrasound can rue that out. Orgasm. mmm the hardest thing in life men seem to not master with women. You need to stimulate your clitoris as well, even if doing yourself during sex. Or he needs to go down there more and stimulate it with his tongue. whoa too honest???? He probably isnt that experienced at sex, it takes more than just thrusting, not all the time, and make sure your relaxed, very important. If he is rushing you take control of things yourself.
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Jo Jo
I agree even if your wet to begin with you can dry up fast depending on the speed and amount of time yall go for use lots of lubricant always. And may i suggest KY Yours and Mine
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Gorden Gorden
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if you have ANYBODY with whom to live with GO!!! a lot of women do it! if you are ready to stand your resolve, do it! you are stronger than you think.

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