Why people make fun Bad Grammar/English?

Why people make fun Bad Grammar/English? Topic: How to write a report higher english
July 20, 2019 / By Alpine
Question: Some people are not good in English classes an etc. Iike myself when I was in high school I never was very good in English class in some things I was pretty good at. When It comes to writing something like on here I have bad grammer. Nobody perfect here or smart. Why do people, make fun of people who had trouble learning about Grammer/English? When people answer my questions an say awwwwwwwwww you have bad english/grammer it's hurts my feelings kinda. Y'all people make so FU C K ING Sick man, all y'all do make fun of people how they write/spell.(CRYING). THIS HURTS MY F U C KI NG FEELINGS I'm gonna report all of y'all right now!HEHEHE
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Tetty Tetty | 9 days ago
Unless English is your second language, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for poor grammar or spelling. If you were born and raised in the U.S., and you went to school in the U.S. growing up, then you shouldn't have a problem with basic English grammar. Anything else is just laziness on your part.
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Moriah Moriah
Well because if you had an issue w/ it you should have gotten help. It's not like trigonometry, you use it every single day therefore you should have improved over the years. Repeat after me "spell check is my friend, spell check is my friend." You don't have to have great punctuation but your words should at least be spelled properly. It's ashame that you had an education and did not utilize it, and then give an excuse like "I'm not good at English", you should be, you speak it everyday. Your on this site enough to see that spell check link in the upper right hand corner of the comment box that you used to type that question and I used to type this comment. Not being good at English is not a good enough reason unless it's your second language.
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Lizbeth Lizbeth
Few things are as important as effective communication skills. Not perfect - effective. If you can't accurately articulate what it is that you want to say, what is the point? If you can't (or won't) communicate with a customer or a client or coworkers or superiors, who would want to hire you? We contracted with a custodial agency that, in spite of our requests to the contrary, would send us custodians who could not speak or understand English. We had to communicate in gestures. NOT in genuine sign language, just gestures. And we never really knew if we got through. If I have a business in which clear communication is important (that's nearly all businesses), whether between management levels, co-workers or with customers, why would I want someone who makes no effort to do so? Street language is fine in social situations, but it has no place in business, politics or general, respectful discourse between various societal groups. If you intend to write, learn how to write, learn how to speak, learn how to spell, learn grammar. It's not that trial and error is unacceptable - that's how you learn. It's that the attitude that it doesn't matter conotes laziness and a screw you mentality. Want to move ahead with your life? Make the effort - again.
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Karlee Karlee
Are you sure you wanted to ask this question and not one about white guys? Now, should I critique your spelling and grammer?
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Harrietta Harrietta
Why is it that when people are not good in a subject they just give up? Shouldn't you have spent more time learning it until you were proficient? Speaking your native language correctly is one of the most basic skills needed in a society.
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Donelle Donelle
Common, English is not so hard. There is the spell check option too. It's so basic that people should be able to spell well.
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Caryn Caryn
I have excellent Grammar and I am quite smart thanks very much but I also have the DECENCY not to criticize people for their mistakes. How about you stop generalizing and maybe people wont be offended enought to pick on your weaknesses
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Caryn Originally Answered: How can I improve my english? how do I could be aware that sometimes I make mistakes in grammar in my question
The person who told you not to translate is correct. The reason is that culture is a major part of any language. Of course translating is necessary at the beginning of your study but you should eventually begin to START thinking in English. Instead of translating word for word, translate ideas and situations. To improve your grammar, you're going to need native English speakers who will be honest with you and correct your mistakes when you make them. You have to be receptive to their feedback, make notes, and try to make the changes next time. The key is to change your bad habits into good habits. Pay close attention when native speakers are speaking and always keep in mind context and situation. To start, be aware especially of these things: Verb tense Plural/singular Spelling (using capital letters, etc.)

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