How do you motivate children to practice their hobbies/activities?

How do you motivate children to practice their hobbies/activities? Topic: How to make money by writing articles
July 17, 2019 / By Corliss
Question: My 6yo son has been doing taekwondo for over a year and a half and is a purple belt. He was once so passionate about it that he kept saying he would be a black belt by age 10 and go to the Olympics. But now, he has no interest in practicing. We have a DVD with the forms, I've set aside time for him to practice, I've begged, pleaded, threatened, bribed, ignored and removed priviledges, but still, no practicing. He's forgotten the first 4 forms altogether. Should I just let him quit for now, or try something else to keep him interested?
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Bet Bet | 6 days ago
I must have gone through a hundred different hobbies as a kid. It got to the point where my Mom wouldn't let me take up anything that cost a lot of money to get started in because she knew I wouldn't be with it for very long. Eventually I found wrestling. I stuck with it for 6 years, and then volunteered as an assistant coach for 2. I'm not sure if wrestling was somehow the sport I was meant for or if I had just matured by the time I started it, but eventually I found something I stuck to. I'd suggest that you let him drop Tae Kwon Do if he wants to, but make sure he finds something else. Psychology Today wrote an article about how having a hobby you are passionate about as a child can develop a better work ethic and a higher potential for success. It's important that the child is actively involved in something, but it's OK if they flop around a bit before they find what they truly love.
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Bet Originally Answered: Children Activities Help?
I love watching my little sister. I like to do things like. Make your own pizzas. Since you little sister can't really make her own pizza you can put her in a high chair and just let her play with some dough and then re-freeze the dough later for her to play with. I always have dough on hand for my little sis. Also you could try like building little forts with blankets and pillows. Make your own canopy with tacks. Or you could make pop sickles and let them choose there own color. Or have a movie fun. By getting a paper bag and fill it with yum goodies. Like pop corn or cheerios for the 2 yr old, little stickers, a juice box, and make your own tickets for the movie your are watching. I know this sounds silly, but its all about creativity. You can do puff paint on old tee shirts. Or one of my favs is get food coloring and run a bubble bath and have them put on there bathing suits and put the coloring in the tub. It wont dye there clothes or there skin have a colorful bubble bath. I like to get free chopsticks from the local Chinese restaurant and decorate the chopsticks with acid free paint or color paper and fold them in to fans. You can get boxes and let them explore with imagination... idk have fun!!!

Agas Agas
I was the same way. It takes a Passion and love for the instrument to become good at it and stick with it. Without these you will find it difficult to play and enjoy it. Just know that the more passionate you are about playing the better guitarist you will become. Every guitarist is great in some way or another, you don't have to play 20 notes per second or sweep pick arpeggios all over the neck to be a great guitarist. Just keep in mind what you're working for as a guitarist and don't stop till you get there. Just don't get discouraged if you aren't progressing as quickly as you'd like. Just keep joining a band in mind and keep working at it until you reach that goal. Best of luck to you!
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Tiberius Tiberius
You could try introducing him to a new teacher or a new style. However, kids that age go through phases. Maybe he wants to do other things. I'd suggest introducing him to a variety of activities, and he will pick which of them he is most passionate about. He might come back to martial arts, but he might take an interest in something different altogether. In the long run, he'll only stick with the things he chose, not the thing you chose for him. My parents introduced me to soccer, skating, music, you name it. But I only stick to the things that I chose for myself - kung fu and tai chi.
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Rae Rae
Do not make pressure on him,he just show you he like it.Be in his side and everything he do you got to tell him he is doing grate job.Maybe something is happening inside of him,asking about it,gift him time and remember he is growing up,they use to change the attitude.Never forget to be always in his side no matter he do in his life,is our job.
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Rae Originally Answered: How should I inform my piano students that they need to help their children practice more?
Good luck with that. It's a very common problem and has been a problem forever. You can try to explain to the parents why it's important for the kids to practice, but unless the kids really want to or the parents force them to (and perhaps punish if not), it probably won't happen. You can try offering rewards for sufficient practice though (all kinds, not just money, etc) or even allowing them to put points on a board ("motivation boards"--look it up). Many kids will actually work harder/longer with something like that, and an actual reward even if psychological. But mostly, you can change your own teaching style, interaction with them, etc, to make the kids *want* to practice more. That can be things like allowing them to learn pieces or info *they're* interested in (the most powerful motivator), or do other things that will make them learn more easily and get more involved. (Former piano student, 10 years while growing up, with several piano teachers. I did learn to read music and play, but mostly only "pieces" we learned for recitals and various shorter pieces in the "books." Many kids will get much-much more from learning to read music, yes, but especially learning to play by ear which is a skill they can enjoy for their whole lives. All I can do now is badly play some of my classical recital pieces and read/play some simpler music. What I'd love to be able to do instead is actually sit down and pick out songs, or music I could come up with, just using the general principles of piano and including various styles! Much more useful and enjoyable for those who won't actually be making a career from classical piano.)

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