Easy 10 points! i need girl and guy answers?

Easy 10 points! i need girl and guy answers? Topic: Style case stairs
July 17, 2019 / By Jesaiah
Question: k so i need some guy advice! PLEASE READ ALL OF THE DETAILS!!!!! i am 13 my crush is 14 i am shy, he is a lil bit outgoing he is a year and 9 days older than me i have had a crush on him for a year i think he knows that i like him i caught him looking at me the other day, it wasn't a stair, he just looked at me a couple times the last few times i saw him i only see him at youth group now he has a phone but i dont have his # please no stupid an sewer about the year and 9 days part! you dont have to answer all 7 questions just most of them ok so what i want to know is 1. how can i flirt with him? remember that i am shy 2. what do guys look for in a girl? 3. how can i get him to notice me? 4. was him looking at me a sigh that he might like me? 5. how can i impress, him? 6.how can i get him #? 7. how can i find out if he knows that i like him 8. if i slip my # on a pice of paper in his pocket what do you think his reaction will be?
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Gladwin Gladwin | 1 day ago
1 ) can't answer, i'm bad at this 2 ) guys have different preferences, but in general - kindness, beauty, brains, sense of humor, and self confidence. however, some guys will only want you for your lady parts, in which case it is better to just get over him. overall, just be yourself and he will fall for you if he's the right person to be with. 3 ) go up and say "hi." talk as if he's your friend or someone you want to make friends with. 4 ) yes staring at you was a sign, but it's not a guarantee that he likes you. staring at random people is actually pretty normal if you're bored. 5 ) make yourself look pretty. style your hair and wear your favorite shirt to make a good first impression. but remember that it's school so don't overdo it. otherwise, BE YOURSELF THAT'S ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS. 6 ) once you get to know him better and he seems to like you (as a friend or otherwise) , ask for it. 7 ) to know FOR SURE... if he tells you. if he makes it obvious. but even though he seems outgoing, he might be shy when it comes to girls. 8 ) he might be creeped out. befriend the boy first!
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Dore Dore
You should get to know him and become friends You should tell him you think he's "cute" When you talk to him laugh at his jokes and compliment him Start up a conversation with him, get him to chat with you @ youth start with "hey how are you today" followed by a question about him that you would like to know 1.) What i said before, giggle at his jokes and touch his arm when you laugh 2.) BE YOURSELF. The worst thing that could ever happen to you is when a guy starts liking you for someone you were pretending to be to get his attention. Keep it real, don't trash talk, and be a sweetheart and you will have no issues 3.) when you go to youth be looking your best ( put a little but of makeup on and straighten your hair) But be careful not to go overboard ;) lol 4).Yes 5.) Choose something you are passionate about and show great dedication to it, be mature 6.) After you have had at least 3 real conversations ask if you can exchange numbers 7.) You don't need to find out, if you openly flirt he'll know you do 8.) You have to get to know him first before you do that sort of thing ;) I hope i helped
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Brendan Brendan
,jesse is stupid and needs to leave people alone o.o You can flirt by playing with your hair, blushing, and be loud when you talk to him so he doesn't have to say what every five secs! Guys look for all kinds of things, depends on who the guy is and what he likes(: Start by talking to his friends more? Maybe that can help? You can also go talk to him, if your too shy get your friend or someone to tell him about you. Not exactly, people look everywhere, but if it's constant then yes(: smile at him next time you see him look at you! Impress him by finding out the things he likes and excel at them Just write it down on a piece of paper and give it to him, think " why not" If he doesn't respond or text or call your number in the next 5 days...he doesn't like you): If your shy, then his reaction will be really surprised! Good luck(: Xoxo
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Affton Affton
1. Just start talking to him as a friend to get to know him and he can get to know you. 2. It depends on the guy to know what they look for in a girl. 3. Put your shyness away because it is not going to get you nowhere (believe me i am the same way). 4. It depends on how he was looking at you, usually it means guys are interested. 5. Just be yourself (without the shyness). 6. When you start talking to him just ask for it. 7. You could get one of your friends to ask or better yet drop hints. 8. Don't slip the number that way he may think that is weird.
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Sue Sue
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