Help! grammar question?

Help! grammar question? Topic: Radical essays
July 15, 2019 / By Huldah
Question: i'm writing an essay and spell check said this was wrong, but it doesnt sound right to me. any grammar experts that can help me out? "Pinchbeck may have some radical ideas, but at the core of what he is proposing lays an idea that applies to all of us." is it supposed to be "lies" or "lays"?? help much appreciated!
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Edwena Edwena | 1 day ago
It should be lies. Lie means to rest or recline. Lay means to place something. The idea rests it does not place.
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Edwena Originally Answered: I have a grammar question?
It is there (and correctly so) because the following clause is a nonessential clause. The clause is not essential to the meaning of the sentence. Nonessential clauses are always set off by commas.
Edwena Originally Answered: I have a grammar question?
It is a natural pause point but its function is to indicate the start of the subordinate qualifying clause.

Charlene Charlene
well it would probably be lies if you were referring to a person but it could still be lies in this case too so hope i helped
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What makes the difference between those?; He looks like a kid. --> 1 He's like a kid. --> 2 The both Japanese make sense BUT in colloquial we say like; "okonomi-yaki mitai ni mieru ne/ miemasu ne" "okonomi-yaki mitai dane/ desu ne" * ".. no you" is more like "written" expression "....-temo" sounds like "even if...., (negative sentence)", which sounds NEGATIVE. while "...tara" sounds just "conditional expression (if/ when)" “nihongo wo kiitara yoku rikai dekimasen” sounds clumsy. If you want to say like "I have difficulties in Japanese listenng comprehension. --> "nihon-go wa kikitoru-no (or "kiki-tori") ga nigate desu." sounds clear and natural. ----------- "forgot to ...." question; I think your teacher is too square.... if you worry too much about these small things, you cannot move on to new expressions, besides you might develop some kind of phobia. Yeah, BS!!! So I'd say "don't think too much" about those expressions: "shukudai wasureta" "wasureteita" "wasurete shimatta" "wasurete shimaimashita" Because the only fact is "I did not get my homework done," OK?
Charlene Originally Answered: Grammar question, help please?
1. This pizza looks like okonomiyaki. 2. This pizza is like okonomiyaki. #1 is only about visual matter while #2 is about other qualities such as shape, how it was cooked and so on.

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