My older sister wants me?

My older sister wants me? Topic: Family tales the sisters
June 24, 2019 / By Shad
Question: ima give you a small tale im nerd im currently in high school and i have no luck with girls whats so ever and i know this sounds cliche i have seen the films but my sister is popular she is the only reason i don't get bullied shes very cocky of herself which is annoying because she gets asked out a lot anyway the other day i was in my room reading a fantasy book she came into my room and asked me if i was a virgin she said be truthful she said she isnt i didn't want 2 hear that i told her the truth yes im a virgin she said ill do you a favor and take it from you i thought she was talking about one of her friends or something but she means herself now me and my sister love each other and she says im her favorite family member but this is weird what do i say or do? i wont tell my parents because they don't know how 2 keep there mouth shut and that would spread there not bad parents they have always been there 4 us but you get the idea i apologize for no periods and other things but its late and im typing this fast and i know this sounds fake but its the truth plz just give me the any advice you can i forgot 2 add not only does want to have intercourse but she wants to blow me as well
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Nevil Nevil | 5 days ago
say NOOOO in the future when you get married to someone that is (hopefully) NOT your sister, do you want them to know that your first time having sex was with your SISTER?! do you know how grosssss that is? incest! what if she accidentally gets pregnant? totally mutilated demented alien children, that's what happens. good luck explaining that to your parents.
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Nevil Originally Answered: Why does my mom treat me and my younger sister worse than my older sister?
That's like me. She only treats you "worse" to protect you. She probably doesn't want you to make the same mistakes your sister did. I say keep trying hard and have a talk with your mom. Tell her how you feel, but don't be whiny about it. Be mature and tell her what's on your mind.
Nevil Originally Answered: Why does my mom treat me and my younger sister worse than my older sister?
Well it could be that she expects more from you than your loser sister. Every family has at least one black sheep, and either their parent takes care of them or a guardian angel does or they end up society's problem or dead. I'll bet your mom knows she's the blacksheep. All I can say is get a boyfriend and move out, but don't burn your bridges with your mom. These jerk boys these days want a piece of #@$ but they aren't mature enough to hold a job, pay the bills, and maintain a commitment.

Kingsley Kingsley
Maybe you should put some space between you and your sister. She is messed up and is obviously desperate for sex. Gross
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Humphry Humphry
I'm not really sure, if you don't want it then u need to tell someone. but if you do then, uh, yikes.
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Humphry Originally Answered: Younger sister, older sister, im having problems with both?
Nice one angering your parents before christmas shopping! But luckily they love you and I doubt it changed anything. Your sister is just a different personality than you. Thats her so let her be. Your older sister may act different around her fiance than her baby sisters, its a totally different relationship and its her life so she is allowed to make as many mistakes as she wants. I think you just have to worry about you.

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