Do you believe God controls death?

Do you believe God controls death? Topic: Point and case sayings
June 26, 2019 / By Shari
Question: I'm not a religious studies expert, but I was just wondering what people's general belief is about God's relationship with death. Do you think God controls death (for example, there are many sayings such as God takes the good ones home early, or many people believe that fate is the major factor as to when we die), or do you believe death is a result of free will? Or if you don't believe in God that's OK too. I'm not looking for an attack of anyone's personal beliefs just what you personally think @Jon in canada: so what does you're reasoning have to do w/ a car accident? poor answer. @ jon in canada: i hope you didn't think i was personally attacking you-- but i did feel you answered it in a sarcastic way without truly thinking about it. I don't know i just really disagree that genetics have anything to do with someone being murdered, or killed in an accident. @ jon in canada--but thanks 4 answering, nevertheless
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Ormonda Ormonda | 4 days ago
Interesting question - I look at it from a couple of points of view perhaps this is a valid approach - perhaps not? 1) Divine Providence (i.e. God's Plan or Will in the world) is active in the universe. - How often have we said or thought: "But for the grace of God I could be 'x'?" - How else can good things come out of evil circumstances, people & events? 2) Divine Foreknowledge (i.e. Divine Omniscience) - Irrespective of how we act and what choices we choose to make, God already knows the outcome and has included it in His plan for Salvation (i.e. see Divine Providence above) Looking at these two points: a) God has a plan for all of us including for when we are to be taken before Him for judgement (i.e. physical death) b) We can make bad choices through our free-will; i.e. risky behaviors like smoking/drug use, etc. that have the effect of shortening our lives - but because of God's foreknowledge this does not "impact" God's Plan. Nor does the "interference" of another human being's free-will, as in the case of a murder or car accident caused by another have any impact either.
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Maleah Maleah
Yes. The Bible says it is appointed unto man once to die and then the judgement. Since we have an "appointment", I would say that God controls our death. For the good news, see John 3:16.
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Kim Kim
Since you ask for individual's general belief, I will not quote scripture for mine, or any other's religion. This is, therefore, "gospel" according to me: Like every aspect of life, there is no simple answer as to God's role and manifestation in regards to death. Many individuals get hung up on the existence of a god or gods because of the apparent vicissitudes of His character and nature. They wonder that if He is "the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow" how He could be a vengeful god to the ancient Israelites but a merciful gracious god to early Christians. They also claim that because of many different belief systems the world over that God simply cannot exist. I think it is easier to accept the existence of a Supreme Being if you truly accept that that being is, in fact, SUPREME. In a modern age when we are used to bring the most complex ideas of science and technology into digestible mundane terms, we find it hard to grapple with the concept of there being SOMETHING out there that is completely outside of our ability to dissect, quantify, analyze or comprehend. Basically, all I am trying to say with this preamble is that in every death since the beginning of time, there has been a different set of circumstances that have ultimately determined one's fate. There are really only two reasons why someone dies: his life is terminated through external forces or he terminates it himself. Most deaths occur under the former category. Since most religious people view God as a creative force, it does not make much sense that He would desire to destroy His creation. However, even in death, creation is manifest: though this sounds macabre and gross, even the worms, maggots, flies, and microorganisms that feed on all things deceased are given life and creation through another entity's death. Therefore, the act of dying is the act of rebirth – it is for this reason that some funerary rituals involve the giving of one's body to the vultures and animal carnivores as an offering. Life cannot exist without death. I do not think I am really answering your question as you meant it, however. My belief is that God created us, loves us, and blesses us all as much as He can. He also stays as much out of our affairs as He can. The only way that we can learn as humans is to experience life for ourselves without every act, event, and occurrence being determined by Him and only Him. Sometimes this means that we have to deal with death and its accompanying sorrow and grief. It is rare when God will "take someone home" early and the reasons are really only known to Him. I think that it is more accurate to say that He is there to provide answers, comfort and strength when someone dies prematurely. That is what makes God a truly supreme being – He has the power to do whatever He wants, but He gives us the freedom to do whatever we want. However, with this almost limitless freedom, there comes the near limitless potential for genuine grief, loss, tragedy, and heartache. When Cain took Abel's life in the Biblical text, God did not "take Abel home" early: He allowed it to happen. It was not cruelty towards Abel's parents, Adam and Eve – it was actually a demonstration of love. He proved in the withholding of His power that He was serious in allowing all men and women their freedom to determine their affairs. But as Christians believe, God did not let Abel die for nothing: He sent His Son to die so that all men might live again. Even if you do not subscribe to the Christian dogma, there is plenty of hope in the goodness and reality of a supreme being. Given how fragile life is and how frail we humans truly are, it is evidence that someone or something out there loves us and keeps us safe: we surely would have killed off our own species long ago if we were left to our own devices. So the short answer? God has all power, but does not "control" death in a manipulative sense. We are not puppets in a galactic puppet show, but empowered humans with the inherent power to shape our destinies. He is there to help us make sense of it all and give us strength to be better.
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Janel Janel
Our soul / spirit makes a choice to enter this world where when and how are our soul/ spirits choices , it chooses the lessons it needs to learn on the earth plain , this choice also involves our earthly death. The soul never dies only our earthly body ceases to exist .
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Ericka Ericka
Of course, but 1)He has a plan for each of us. 2) We have free will. 3) If you pray he might change his plan, which means it was never a plan to begin with because he knew that would happen... It all makes sense. Just check your brain at the door and join the Christian party.
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