How can u get best answers in yahoo answers?(easy 10 points)?

How can u get best answers in yahoo answers?(easy 10 points)? Topic: How to write a personal reference for a friend example
June 17, 2019 / By Bliss
Question: I've answered many questions but got only 2 best answers (1 of them by voting)..................can u give me some tips for answering............ mark this as interesting 2 increase u'r chances...............
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Best Answers: How can u get best answers in yahoo answers?(easy 10 points)?

Ackerley Ackerley | 10 days ago
Don't bother to answer questions that already got a lot of correct and similar responses,the likelihood of you getting a BA on these questions are slim.Answer them only if you have something new to add or you want the 2 points. Try to answer questions that received very little or no responses. These questions need answering more than the others, and you increase your chances of getting a BA when you do so.You also help out the asker of course.Go to the questions page( http://answers.yahoo.com/dir/index?link= )and go back a few hours or even a few days, and see which questions require attention because of a poor response rate. Also, look to answer questions with bad or incorrect information.These questions can benefit from your good input.Point out an answer if you feel that it is incorrect or misleading and state your reason(s) for doing so. Using the approach I mentioned above,you answer fewer questions, but you're responding to the ones where your answers are of real value to the asker.You also increase your chances of being awarded a BA.Of course if you are looking to increase the number of points that you have by answering many questions,then go for it,regardless of whether you get a BA or not.You can also add to your points by voting on "Unresolved Questions"...choosing a BA for them. Don't be too concerned about being among one of the first persons to answer the question.Most people read all of their answers and take all of them into consideration when choosing a Best Answer,no matter how far down the list they appear. The categories in which you choose to answer can also play a role.In some categories such as Polls & Surveys for example, many people do not appreciate a good response that is intelligent, informative and that truly answers their question. They may pick their friend to give the BA to,or an answer that is funny or that they think is cool,while disregarding any good answers.This has happened to me in the past. If one of the questions that you answered goes to "in voting",it's perfectly OK and legal to vote for yourself as "Best Answer" ,if you think that you did indeed give the best answer out of all of them. Also keep the following general tips in mind if you are looking to increase your chances of being awarded a BA: 1)Don't answer unless you sincerely believe that your experience, training or education gives you the credibility to do so. 2)Understand the question and analyze it before giving an answer. 3)Make sure and answer what was asked.Give as much detail as you possibly can. 4)Be certain that your information is correct.Research the question and your answer if you need to using Google.It may take some time,but it may pay off in the end for you. 5)Include links to substantiate your answer.Provide facts and include personal experience if you can. 6)Be courteous in answering.Do not insult the person asking the question.Do not offend someones nationality,race or religion. 7)Use correct grammar,punctuation and spelling. 8)Don't use abbreviations,for example "u" for the word "you". 9)Don't submit one word and short phrase answers like "cool dude!" or "I totally agree" 10)Make your answer clear and concise as you possibly can. 11)Be honest and sincere when answering. 12)Longer answers may often get chosen as the Best Answer more than shorter ones,so stop and think about what you want to say, what points you want to make, and what reference links you want to add. You'll do much better at helping others if you take the time to write out a few well thought out paragraphs, rather than a one sentence blurb off the top of your head.Most members will recognize and reward you for your efforts with 10 points. Edit:I see that you mostly answer questions in the Wrestling category.I am not familiar with this section,but it's possible that there is too much competition in it for you to be awarded BA's.It's also possible that there is a clique going on in this section (an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose), and people are awarding the BA's to their friends, contacts and fans.I have seen it happening in other categories.You would know if this is so.Either make yourself as knowledgeable as you possibly can on wrestling,by doing research etc,or try to answer some questions in other category's that interests you,and see if you have better luck at picking up some BA's there. Last tip:I also see that you have only one fan.Expanding your network of contacts and fans can really help you out when one of the questions that you answered goes to voting. Having a few contacts and fans who care,are interested, and are devoted to you, can increase the number of answers that you receive when you ask a question,as well as the number of votes you get when one of your answers comes up for voting. Many people employ this tactic to increase the number of BA's they receive. Edit: Your contacts and fans are also more likely than others to star your questions, and to give your answers thumbs up's. Having them can mean lots of help for you,and can also be lots of fun.They help you out, and you help them out.Make sure to choose them wisely though.Try to include members who are active and are regular participants on the site,if your contacts only log in once or twice per week,this is not good. ◘
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Ackerley Originally Answered: What makes a question so good that it ends up in the 'Best of Answers' on the yahoo answers front page?
Often it is the simple questions that are picked to appear on the 'Best Of Answers',not necessarily the most intriguing or complex.Currently one of the questions being showcased is..."What is the deepest part of the sea?",a question that you would think most people would know the answer to, but in fact may not be so.I once had a question that was featured and it was "What are some tips for making the perfect barbecue?"I suspect that it was picked because it was Summertime in the U.S. when many people were outdoors firing up their grill.The questions featured are often seasonal like that,Halloween questions will be featured at Halloween time etc.One requires a bit of luck to be chosen,to hope that the Yahoo! staff come across your question and decide to use it.Your questions should be interesting and have a broad appeal,something that many people often wondered about but don't necessarily know the answer to.If you think that you asked a question that meets these requirements, you can email the staff and ask them to have a look at your question for consideration to the "Best Of Answers' Your question should also have gotten at least one or two very good responses.This method worked for someone in the past,so you never know,it just might work for you.(I assumed in my answer that you were interested in making it onto this section) ◘

Stacee Stacee
My best, most logical advice would be: only answer factual questions - not opinions, and only answer questions you are 100% certain of. BUT -like they say about success: 10% ability 90% luck I have sometimes answered a question which I knew a lot about - and gave the most accurate answer, but was not given 'best answer'. Someone else - who gave an inaccurate answer was given 'best answer'. Remember - people asking a question DON'T KNOW which is the best answer !! Also - people who have a high 'best answer' score are always going to be favoured !! I once got to 15% best answer, but then decided to answer political opinion questions, and went rapidly downhill !
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Princess Princess
Best Answers are just what the voters and askers feel is more helpful. If you want a Best Answer, don't just answer the question but give examples, reasons, and even realte it to your own experiences. It will really help the Asker out.
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Maxene Maxene
when someone chooses a best answer for their question the person that left the answer gets 10 points! points help users get the next levels, the higher the level the more questions/answers you have per day!
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Laureen Laureen
Give a quality reply and make that reply interesting the trick here is that the formula does not always work and the asker could grab a reply that makes them laugh, but isn;t reall the best answer
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Jezebel Jezebel
I would have to say you must give the best answer. Its fairly obvious. I get best answers all the time! Yeah I am the best at mostly everything I do though. Its also helpful to answer questions about stuff you actually have some knowledge in.
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Francisca Francisca
Make sure you answer something useful, NEVER answer "I don't know" For one, this is stupid. And it wastes your answering count. Look for a question that you positively know the answer to and It is very nicely written and informative. Hope this helps you!
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Darcey Darcey
Obviously, people have to `like` your answer, to consider giving you a best answer. They might like it for several reasons. They find it informative. It makes them laugh. It make them feel good and confirms what they feared is right. It actually helps them. It educates and intrigues them.
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