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English to Spanish question? Topic: He did his homework in spanish
June 17, 2019 / By Lari
Question: I'm trying to learn Spanish, and we are currently learning Objective pronouns. I'm confused on my homework. We are supposed to respond to a friend in need. Friend: Mi ex-novio necesita trescientos dolares. (Dar/Dinero?) My response is supposed to be, Are you going to give money to him? Does this make sense.. Vas a darle lo dinero? ...o.. Le vas a dar lo dinero? is lo in the correct spot? Does this make sense? haha Thank you very much! I'm not trying to use lo for el, I'm trying to refer to "him", "Ex-novio." I just have trouble with sentence structure!
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Jerusha Jerusha | 10 days ago
You wouldn't want to include 'lo' simply because you're using it to say 'him' but you put it in front of 'dinero' which is your noun. So it's supposed to be changed to 'el' without the accent on the e because you're talking about a thing. So either sentence, just change lo to el because you're using it in a different noun! :)
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I do not think that the statement is so wrongly constructed in Spanish. In fact, it can be argued that it is correct. The problem is not there, but how to make a translation that though not literally exact, may convey what is meant. And this is the way I'd put it. Not that I'm an expert, because I'm not. But what I do asure you is that I do have a good command of the Spanish language. And...that mine goes in good faith. Here I go: How's the South America that our friends from Mortcycle Diaries are visiting? (You may notice that I left out "main characters". You do not need that in the sentence. It is redundant ("redundante"). But if you must show that particular phrase, then it would be: How's the South America that our main characters from Motorcycle Diaries are visiting? (You may notice that now I left "friends" (amigos) out. It is just that in Spanish you either leave out one thing or the other, unless you want it NOT to sound right. But...I must tell you that even if it would not sound right, it would be correct. Good luck. Adian.

Florence Florence
Well, you can't use lo to mean the. Lo dinero doesn't make any sense! Either of those makes sense, when you change lo to el.
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Dalinda Dalinda
i think it would be better to say "le vas a dar dinero?" or "se lo das?" (given that the imperative would be daselo).
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Blessing Blessing
"lo" ? I would say: Le daras dinero? Le daras el dinero? Le vas a dar dinero? Le vas a dar el dinero? Also, him= el not LO. haha
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Benefits is fine. The sentence makes sense, but I think its slight awkwardness comes from piling up so many -ings (having ... being ... interesting ... being). You might want to restructure it a little to say something like: "The benefits of a multicultural identity go far beyond the creation of an interesting personality." I disagree with Mark's interpretation that being interesting could imply foreignness or exotic curiosity, let alone racism. To me an interesting person is one with more depth, regardless of culture or background.

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