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June 24, 2019 / By Willoughby
Question: I was wondering what my chances would be? - 30 ACT (may be a weak point) - class rank is 1/132 - valdectorian - GPA = 4.0 GPA weighted = 5.0 highest possible level of classes offered - honors - clubs rotary interact, yearbook (technology editor), national honor sociey, St. Vincent DePaul, Saturday Scholars -awards elected among 600 students to participate in leadership conference, principals award, other leadership conferences - community service volunteer at hospital, bring easter/christmas meals and gifts to poor each year - others varsity tennis(captain), varsity golf, guitar, small enterprising lawn business -employment (whether it matters) Quarry Golf Course - recs from 2 teachers and Sr. Manager of Budweiser corporation in st. louis -the usual hopeful essay Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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Seir Seir | 6 days ago
Vanderbilt is a target/safety for you. Mid 50% range SAT I Composite: 1320-1450 (out of 1600) Mid 50% range ACT Composite: 29-33 Seriously...you are IN to Vanderbilt. You can reach higher. If you want to stay in the South, how about UNC Chapel Hill? UVA? If you feel okay with going up North, how about Johns Hopkins? Columbia? Williams? You're an amazing candidate for a good number of colleges. Good luck! And congrats on all your hard work.
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Seir Originally Answered: Chances at Vanderbilt?
Vanderbilt is a GREAT choice and a good fit for you, based on your statistics. How is someone "too good" for a top 25 university? The disparity in educational value between universities diminishes completely when you start looking at only top-25 universities. They just start getting harder to get into, not better. One of my very bright friends from my graduating class attends Vanderbilt. I'd say Vanderbilt is about comparable in difficulty to get into as Cornell and CMU, to which I was admitted. I had similar specs: GPA: 3.97 Weighted: 4.46 SAT: 2310 14 APs, 7 pre-AP, 3 engineering classes wind ensemble, full orchestra math/science team very little volunteer work (just enough to stay in NHS) honor societies NHS, NLHS, NTHS I did not get into Princeton, MIT, or Stanford. The person that said you'd automatically get in to those stipulated a fallacy, although you certainly would have a chance. hope this helps and good luck, Sean

Neill Neill
I would say that you have a pretty good chance. Vanderbilt isn't that crazy about standardized tests so the 30 will not keep you out. Your grades and extracurriculars more than make up for you act. You definitely could be accepted to Vanderbilt. Have you looked at other schools on Vandy's level? such as Emory, Rice, and Notre Dame
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Kieron Kieron
You're a great candidate for almost any college. You have the pick of the litter. If you decide to look outside the South, you may want to take the SAT, as colleges outside the midwest (and apparently the south) understand it better. Also, you may do better on one than the other. My SAT scores are way above my ACT scores.
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Huffie Huffie
colleges are always looking for extra curriculars, I would have at least two. Also don't bite off more then you can chew, AP english is college level english.
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Huffie Originally Answered: Vanderbilt question?
I'm currently a sophomore at Vandy. I think you have a shot of getting in, but it's really competitive. My SAT scores were around 1300 and my gpa was an unweighted 4.0 (on a 4.0 scale). My AP scores were about the same as yours, and I graduated 18th in my class. So yeah, looking at your scores, definately go for it, you never know.

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