How can I be more romantic toward my girlfriend?

How can I be more romantic toward my girlfriend? Topic: Show my homework reading girls
June 17, 2019 / By Jeanetta
Question: Kay, so we're both in high school. I'm quite a noob to dating. We're three weeks in and my girl asked me to be more romantic, but there's one problem; I don't even know how, or to even get the chance... she's not into public display and I can't even take her out because of her over protective parents, which pick her up right after school. Basically, I only get to see her during school and other school events and we take advantage of any private time we get to do our "stuff." So romance tips there please?
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Fanni Fanni | 10 days ago
The prior three answers are all good. I recommend doing small things, like writing her notes for her to read during classes (it sounds cheesy, but it works!), helping her with homework or something, put a mix tape of your/her favorite songs on a flash drive, be a gentleman in general. I think your girl's a bit silly for asking you to be more romantic when you guys hardly have any time together and are so new in the relationship. Take it slow, and just show her you care.
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Fanni Originally Answered: What should i do thats romantic for my girlfriend?
If you can cook at all, cooking the woman a meal is not so much an 'I'm her b!t

Cora Cora
I have to say that at 3 weeks you are both fresh in this relationship. It is a bit early to be looking for shows of big romantic gestures. However, there is nothing stopping you buying her say, a small box of chocolates to give her at school. Kiss her hand when you meet her, give her hugs, give her compliments about the way she looks. But just take your time. You have to learn to walk before you can run.
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Bertred Bertred
I think your girlfriend needs to relax a little and just enjoy your company, your still young and your only three weeks into the relationship, there shouldn't be any issues or trying to change anything yet, you guys should just have fun :)
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Africa Africa
You're to young you are simply asking these questions because you're so young.why rush into things? a true gentleman that has respect for himself & his lady will wait & respect a women,wait for college even better wait till marriage :-)
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Africa Originally Answered: Romantic gesture for girlfriend? lol?
shes going to be alone on a boat...? WTF? you know what you should do? go buy a book and make an audio tape of you reading the book. That should keep her occupied. Problem SOLVED

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