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Do you like my character? Topic: Narrative paragraph writing activities
July 17, 2019 / By Goliath
Question: I am planning on writing my first novel! I'm working on the characters currently. This is my main character. The novel will not be first person narrative. I'm not sure. Maybe I will change my mind. Who knows. However, the story is mainly centered around him and his friends. So I would greatly appreciate it if you would tell me if he is a typical book character, if there is nothing interesting about, if he's annoying etc... Do you like him? Also if he doesn't make sense or if I should change something about him. Am I being specific enough about him? What else should I add? Oh and can you suggest some names that match the personality of him please? I keep searching for a perfect name for him but can't find any!!! Sorry! I know this is a lot but I really need help! Thank you!! Name: Andrei Rostov (I'm still deciding on the first name... some people don't like it. Don't think it suits him) Sex: Male Age: 18 Nationality: Russian Job: Banker at Silicon Valley Bank (Setting: Santa Clara, Colorado) Physical traits: 5`10, light skin, light grey eyes, sharp nose, thin lips, dark brown hair, slim but slightly muscular, has a small mole above his left eyebrow Personality: Quiet but talkative with best friends, doesn’t open up quickly, sensitive, more serious than some people in his life, strong, smart, doesn’t give in quickly to exciting activities, thinks a lot, casual, fights for people he loves Likes: Painting, Russian food, the color red, the lake near his friend’s house, going on the computer, nature, Dislikes: Music, people who eat with their mouths open, messy rooms, black olives, math, ungrateful people, economics Habits: Cracks knuckles a lot, procrastinates excessively I really don't have a short script because I want don't want to sqeeze my characters in. They will seem like robot characters. And I don't know how much more clear I have to be when I'm saying he's normally quiet, artistic, doesn't open up easily etc... However, I get what you're saying when you're asking for a short script. I just don't think its appropriate right now. I want to be able to do my characters first. =)
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Driscoll Driscoll | 1 day ago
i can't much of a feel of his character from a list of details. do a paragraph in his voice or add some details about how he thinks/behaves in situations. i can tell you that i like skittles, dislike shrimp, and am (ancestor-wise) from russia, poland, and yugoslavia, but you wouldn't be able to identify my personality from that. i'd like to help you, i can get some names because i'm learning russian, but i can't give you one that fits his personality because i don't know it. EDIT:: he sounds like a sergei, in my humble opinion....but you have a bunch of russian options (i'm only putting the ones that sound decent for an 18 year old in the states) : alexei, demetri, maxim, mikail, misha, nikolai, sasha, etc. you can go on baby name sites for more. i have a slight issue believing someone who's sensitive (and russian, to a lesser extent, every russian i know has good music taste) doesn't like music at all. is it just one type of music, or does he really hate it all? other than that, i don't know anything about your book so its difficult to know what doesn't work. you're definitely going to need to be more specific though. try finding some character interviews online (or on B&A, like this http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... and going through them answering as if you were your character. it's *very* helpful! good luck :) EDIT again:: wait.........he's a banker but he hates math AND economics?? somebody's gonna hate their job!
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Brigham Brigham
The physical attributes of a character are rarely important in telling a good story. It seems like a lot of folks here are always asking if the idea is good or if their character is any good. If your character has a mole over his eye, who cares unless the mole plays a significant role in your story. This may be a good guide for you to help visualize him, but to us it is meaningless. The personality of your character comes out in telling your story, not as a list of attributes. All of these personal attributes mean nothing until they surface in your story - so if he doesn't like black olives there must be a place in your story where this is important to the plot or story - if it's not then why bother with all the detail? Rather than worrying about the exact appearance of your characters, you should be worrying about the story and the plot you are going to take the reader though with your characters. But, I understand beginners need to start somewhere, and it might as well be with detailing out a personality and appearance. Since I don't know what your story is about then knowing all of this detail about a character is meaningless,
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Ahiram Ahiram
Frankly, it just seems like you put random qualities on a sheet instead of thinking of a character and letting him grow naturally as a person. I have no opinion on him because this isn't a character, this is barely a skeleton of one. However, he's such a relief from the usual stampede of elves/fairies/vampire/vampire fairy elves named Ebony Illustria Gorgeous McKenzie who fly and are magical that you usually get on this site, that I'm a bit positively biased on him. A note: I am Russian and wonder what exactly you mean by "Russian food". Another note: I know of several people who use the phrase "going on the computer", and they are exclusively under twelve. Computers are used for damn near everything these days, going on one could mean absolutely anything.
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Susannah Susannah
I know an Andrei and he is Russian! He spells it Andriy, and you basically just described him, except he is very tan and muscular and he LOVES music. I like your character, I think him not liking music is unique but people won't be able to relate to that and might not "bond" with him as well. haha and like other people are saying, add a paragraph through his words and tell us the reasons he is the way he is.
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Ralphina Ralphina
I love nearly all Russian characters. I'm writing for my first novel too, and I'm using Russian characters also. How serendipitous!
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