My chances of getting into DePaul University?

My chances of getting into DePaul University? Topic: University of chicago admission essays
July 20, 2019 / By Dandrenor
Question: I'm a high school senior and I just applied to DePaul Univeristy in Chicago about a week ago. I have a 3.4 GPA and a 21 on my ACT. I do a few after school activities, volunteering, and leadership programs. One of my essays was really good, however, my second one was fair at best. They've sent me a million postcards and have called me numerous times. Plus, I live out of state if that's a factor.... Do you think I have a good chance of getting in? Or should I not get my hopes up?
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Bonduca Bonduca | 1 day ago
There is a possibility of admission, but not a particularly good one. Your ACT is below the 25th percentile. Your GPA, if unweighted, is just over the 40th percentile. The school is a reach for you, but you might be admitted. I do not know if the phone calls are directed specifically to you or if you are just on a general list. If the callers discuss why the university wants you to attend, your chances are higher than I have indicated.
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Bonduca Originally Answered: What are the chances of a high school drop out getting into John Hopkins university or the university of Pennsylvania?
Go to the transfer admissions pages for the unis you like, and find out what they require of transfer applicants. Some unis at this level do still require your HS transcripts/GED and your SAT scores, while others do not. For example, Penn will want your HS transcripts, GED and your SATs: http://www.admissions.upenn.edu/apply/tr... Having a GED doesn't mean you can't get into these schools, but what I suggest is that you prep for and take the SAT this year, and that, as you progress through your community college, you also take the SAT II subject tests in any subjects you think you can ace. You also want to think about how you will tell your story in your essays. Elite schools accept few transfer students, and they accept very, very few community college transfers. Most transfers to schools at the level of a Harvard are from other elite schools. They also accept few, if any, GED students. So you want those SAT II tests, you want to ace your cc coursework, you want to get to know your cc professors so they can write strong recommendations, and you'll need to do something really interesting while you're at cc. It would be ideal if it's related to what you plan to study when you transfer. It could involve an extra curricular. It should be something major.
Bonduca Originally Answered: What are the chances of a high school drop out getting into John Hopkins university or the university of Pennsylvania?
Colleges don't ask for or care about your IQ score. It's a matter of what you've managed to accomplish. While everyone applying to Johns Hopkins and similar schools has very high grades and test scores, they take about 10% of applicants. What's going to make you stand out? Nothing so far.

Alanna Alanna
I know the admissions standards for DePaul have increased slightly over the past few years. The average GPA for an incoming freshman is 3.5, and the median ACT is 24.5. The answer given above is spot on in saying that you have a chance, albeit a reduced chance of admission with your current stats. I don't think the postcards or calls have anything to do with your likelihood of being admitted, as again identified by the above person. Apply anyways though; it can't hurt. You could also retake the ACT and improve your score.
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Alanna Originally Answered: What are my chances of getting accepted into Stanford University or Columbia University?
Your chances so far are okay, but you should know that highly selective colleges like those don't really care about what awards you won prior to high school (unless they were REALLY significant -- like the kind that would get you featured in the news -- and if you continued pursuing that same activity that got you the award(s) afterwards in high school). Playing in band and being a Girl Scout is great, but schools like Columbia and Stanford really want to see people who have literally gone above and beyond. There are plenty of other applicants to these schools who will also be in band and will be Boy/Girl Scouts, so think carefully about what makes you unique or different from the rest of them and emphasize that in your application. Having moved several times throughout my life and a couple of times during high school (I am a senior, but this is my 3rd high school, and I've also attended 2 middle schools and 3 elementary schools), I can sympathize with you in terms of how tough it is to maintain consistent extracurricular activities. If you want, you should definitely talk about how that has been a factor in your life and how you've adapted to it. I personally did not write about this in my admissions essay, but I did include it in the "Additional Information" section of my Common App. When I interviewed for schools like MIT, Yale, Princeton, and UPenn earlier this year, I talked about how constantly changing geographical residences has shaped my high school career, and my interviewers were all visibly very impressed. Keep in mind that Stanford and Columbia are still extremely very selective, though, so I'd encourage you not to get too hung up on them in case you get rejected. (I made this mistake by making Stanford one of my top-choice schools, and was crushed when I was flat-out rejected from its Single-Choice Early Action program in December this year.) Look around at other top schools as well -- perhaps you'll find more "hidden gems" than you originally thought!
Alanna Originally Answered: What are my chances of getting accepted into Stanford University or Columbia University?
You're on a good path: top grades, challenging classes, and significant outside activities. Stanford University, while a very fine school of the same quality of the Ivy League schools, is not in the Ivy League.

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