When should i start planning my wedding?

When should i start planning my wedding? Topic: Business plan for event planning
July 17, 2019 / By Esmond
Question: Im not engaged yet, but me and my boyfriend really love each other and are sure of getting married. We want to get Married DECEMBER 7 2013. Im hoping he asks me to marry him soon since my birthday is next week. But i would like to know say I get engaged Nov or Dec 2012, when should i start planning. Im talking about a wedding for like 350 to 400 people.
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Connor Connor | 2 days ago
Once a couple is actually engaged it is not unusual to start making plans two years ahead. That's just booking a venue for the most part. It would be best to wait until one year ahead to start figuring out caterers and other vendors. Sorry, got interrupted while answering. Details: Since you say you plan to invite so many guests you will need locations for a ceremony and reception that can accommodate that many people. Those tend to be limited and book up far in advance so you will want to research that well and book as soon as you can. Many venues of that size book two years ahead of an event so that is why I mention that time line. Obviously you won't have that much time but do make that your priority. You don't want to book other vendors too far ahead (more than a year) because it's amazing how volatile businesses are in this economy. Restaurants and caterers are coming and going in less than a year's time and it's not unheard of for other vendors to go out of business before they can complete a contract from more than a year out. The trick is to look for caterers, bakers, florists, photographers that have been in business for quite a while (ideally more than ten years.) They will have a sense of how they are doing during this down-time. If they think they may not be able to provide your needs when you need it they will let you know. ("Oh, we might be retiring by then," or something like that.) Also, prices for food and flowers can adjust up. A year really isn't too early but again you need to be engaged first with a firm date before you can even try on wedding dresses in most stores.
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Connor Originally Answered: Can I start my Wedding Planning Business at 18?
Sure you can start planning for a business but keep things in a realistic light. Get experience working for a similar agency that does event planning. As for cost you can figure building rental, utilities, advertising and salary of yourself and employees for starters. I think you'll find college, at least a two-year degree, would give you much insight to running a business and successfully planning people's emotional events.

Arne Arne
Nothing wrong with starting the research now. Like you can make a scrapbook of dresses you like from cut out pictures of a magazine or pics you printed from internet. You can look at online venue places and check out what they say about wedding receptions and see what you like and don't like. You can do any bit of research you want and write it down so that when he DOES propose you already have done most of the research legwork and you can present your venue findings to your darling and work out your budget and go from there. Nothing wrong with looking at things now. Nearly everyone in the business has a website which means you can start bookmarking and sorting through now before engagement. :)
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Ulla Ulla
As soon as you get engaged. Establish budget, any parental help to get an approximate no. of guests and book venue asap, many book a year in advance.
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Sara Sara
it wouldn't be a problem starting now :) obviously you have a lot of things that need to be discussed/planned/found, right to the littlest things so it doesn't sound like a bad idea. congratulations for when you DO get engaged :)
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Nona Nona
I am a person who does weddings decor and more and right now i have started doing 2 weddings for june so I would say start now if you are doing this alone..
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Nona Originally Answered: Getting married in June 2013. when is the right time to start planning a wedding?
is it June of 2014 or 13? If it's 2013 you're behind and I'll leave a more detailed message if so. 2014 wedding Optional- have an engagment party and send out engagemtnt announcements. Maybe get professional pictures take. Postcards are cheapest for announcements and you can make it with a photo of the two of you! Start a pintrest board and figure out what you do and dont want Look into having a wedding website (mywedding.com has a good starter one) Establish a budget Start your guest list and compiling addresses Look into reception venues. Yes this early but once you get going you'll understand why I suggested this. You'll need aprox guest numbers so you know how many people you'll be looking to feed and house. Reception venues can be quite expensive ranging from $30-$100 a plate plus booze. There are ways to do it cheaper than that, but that's a different question ;) Congrats!!

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