Mathematics suggestion for Yahoo Answers?

Mathematics suggestion for Yahoo Answers? Topic: Use case symbols
July 17, 2019 / By Abnor
Question: I think they should include symbols like - plus or minus - square root - inequality signs - pi ... etc. I think it would make things a lot clearer... they could possibly set up a code so that you would need to type something like sqrt or something like that. What do you guys think? I think it would save a lot of time instead of having to copy/paste.
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Sloan Sloan | 8 days ago
Do you copy and paste? I just type in the HTML codes. ex: V = π∫y^2 dx x = (-b ± √(b^2 - 4ac)) / 2a The HTML codes start with an ampersand & and end with a semicolon ;. The codes for some of the more frequently used symbols (shown below without the & and ; marks) are: ∫ int ± plusmn √ radic ≤ le ≥ ge ≠ ne ∞ infin α alpha (and similarly for other lower-case Greek letters, including of course π pi) Ω Omega (and similarly for other upper-case Greek letters) ° deg ∩ cap ∪ cup ⊂ sub ⊆ sube ⊃ sup ⊇ supe ∈ isin ∉ notin (this one doesn't actually display correctly on my browser, so I tend not to use it - it should be the ∈ symbol negated) ∇ nabla - OK, perhaps I'm straying from "more frequently used" here. But I suppose if I'm including this one I must also include ∂ part.
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Pleasant Pleasant
We already have codes for it, so they don't really care about it. We're not the only sections on Yahoo! Answers, so I doubt they will fustrate (did I spell that wrong?) over this minor topic, when they have to deal with the bugs going around here. You could search some place to find the alt-codes, but I wouldn't bother. Just use the symbols we use now. Just say pi for pi, sqrt for square root, and etc. But I do agree on the fact that they should create this little box with all the symbols =D!
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Mattie Mattie
I dont think you can stop cheating in school. There are too many students that are too lazy to learn for themselves. They just want the easy way out. These students will go thru life on welfare because they are too lazy to get a job. I dont think they should allow Computers or calculators in the class rooms.
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Laryn Laryn
I think I don't need help with my homework, so it matters little to me..... even though I love math.
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Jess Jess
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