I need help translating into ASL?

I need help translating into ASL? Topic: The sisters of mercy no time to cry lyrics
July 16, 2019 / By Eliud
Question: I'm translating this song into ASL, I've got the first verse and most of the chorus done, but I'm kinda stuck. I posted a question under my sisters account a week or so ago about the sign language for 'cry out to jesus'. One person that answered gave me some ASL dictionaries to use but I'm stuck because ASL doesn't have some words I would have normally used. So if you could give me a few example of how you would translate it, that would be helpful. Here is a link to the song on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRN_ApWyb94 Here are the song lyrics: "Cry Out To Jesus" To everyone who's lost someone they love Long before it was their time You feel like the days you had were not enough when you said goodbye And to all of the people with burdens and pains Keeping you back from your life You believe that there's nothing and there is no one Who can make it right There is hope for the helpless Rest for the weary Love for the broken heart There is grace and forgiveness Mercy and healing He'll meet you wherever you are Cry out to Jesus, Cry out to Jesus For the marriage that's struggling just to hang on They lost all of their faith in love They've done all they can to make it right again Still it's not enough For the ones who can't break the addictions and chains You try to give up but you come back again Just remember that you're not alone in your shame And your suffering When your lonely And it feels like the whole world is falling on you You just reach out, you just cry out to Jesus Cry to Jesus To the widow who suffers from being alone Wiping the tears from her eyes For the children around the world without a home Say a prayer tonight
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Originally Answered: Translating.?
Accès obtenu Compatible En attente (waiting, but waiting for something, a last order, a program to finish running) or En veille (when the computer will wake up if you touch a key)
Originally Answered: Translating.?
l'entrée a permis - Literally 'access permitted'. compatible - Same word, different pronunciation. j'attends - Literally 'I await', giving the computer a personality.

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