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HELP! ME! 7th Grade Math? Topic: How to write a cubed number
July 16, 2019 / By Cuthbert
Question: 1) A 2-centimeter cube was enlarged using a scale factor of 7/1. Find the length of the model and the number of 1-centimeter cubes used to build it. 2) Write about it - If you are finding a percent of a number and the percent is between 0% and 100%, then in what range is the answer? 3) Jane estimates that she ran about 2867 miles last year. She ran 3 times a week. Estimate how many miles she ran each day. A: 10mi B: 15mi C: 20mi D: 25mi E: 30mi 4) Write about it -- How can you use common fractions to estimate what percent one number is of another number? Explain.
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Athelstan Athelstan | 9 days ago
1.) 2 X7/1 / 1?14 2.) all really #'s less than 100 and greater than zero 3.)3 X 52 then divide that number by 2867 4.) so much of a fraction of a percent
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Verthandi Verthandi
It's not obvious to compare 3/8 and 2/3, but look at it this way: would you rather slice a pie into 3 pieces and take two (2/3 of a pie), or slice it into 8 pieces and take 3 (3/8 of a pie)? If you like pie, you will probably make the first choice, and that's because 2/3 is greater than 3/8. Thus 3/8 < 2/3. The math way to do it is to multiply the left sides by 3/3 and the right side by 8/8 (both are fancy ways of writing 1). Then you have 9/24 on the left side and 16/24 on the right side. Now the number on the bottom is the same and it's much easier to compare; clearly 9/24 < 16/24. In other words, you're slicing the pie into 24 pieces; 3/8 of the pie is the same as taking 9 pieces, and 2/3 of the pie is the same as taking 16 pieces.
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Serenity Serenity
you use a proportion. you put ur number over 100 and then is over of... is is the same as an equal sign, of is a multiplication sign. when they say 25 is 50% of what number? you find the is and of and switch them 25=.50xW w is your variable. that could also be X X ---- = ---- < This is a proportion. you need to plug in the numbers. 100 X On the right is where you put your "is over of"
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Ona Ona
if you dont know how to do your homework, there is a big chance you wont do so hot. Ask your teacher for help, it will make math a lot easier when you get to high school if you understand the basics from 7th/8th grade. trust me im in 10th grade and i never even pay attention to the teacher because its basically just a review of 7th grade
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