Balancing Politics and Spirit?

Balancing Politics and Spirit? Topic: Opinion newspaper articles uk
July 17, 2019 / By Baal-Zebub
Question: Hi all My question is about how to balance politics and spirit. What I mean is, if trying to become more spiritual, seek happiness or well-being, and just a generally higher and deeper state of consciousness, how can this be done whilst still being involved with politics, or at least harboring political opinions? The problem is, politics tend to make everybody angry, I think this is because it is so important and involves many aspects of morality, fairness, equality etc. and in the past has led to wide-scale suffering and genocide. Therefore, I feel that an involvement in politics is essential to be a good citizen and to do your best for society as a whole, however whenever I do get involved or think about it too much, or read newspapers comment articles etc. I just get angry as usual, as politics seems to be able to do that so easily. Can anyone recommend a way of incorporating political belief into spiritual quest, or is the only way of achieving this harmony by doing it the buddisht monk way and retiring to a life of basic needs, meditation and seclusion? Thanks Ed (UK)
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Win Win | 1 day ago
Politics are just another form of religion, a bunch of misguided ignorant people putting their faith in a bunch of phony leaders they let dictate their pathetic lives. I'd go the pot smoking buddhist monk route myself.
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wat r u saying?? I'll explain this to you. we (muslims) don't believe that gabriel told mary that she was going to give birth to the son of god. so then there are no contradictions to prove your point on!! the quran told us what gabriel told mary, and it's not what you just said. and about this whole devil thing, the devil can't take the form of an angel!! the devil can't do anything god doesn't allow him to do, so he can't turn into an angel or a prophet. we believe in what the quran told us because allah (SWT) himself said that these are his words. so, muhammad (sallah allahu alahi wasalam) didn't do anything wrong. he based his believes on the quran and allah (SWT)'s words and spread them. in which case he is the last and final prophet of god!!! before you start saying things like this, you should take your time to learn and understand our religion first.
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Dude, first of all "Son of God" doesn't mean "GOD". Second of all, Muslims have a problem with GOD having physical sons, they do not have a problem with GOD having "sons" in the spiritual sense. (In fact Muslims call themselves "slaves of GOD". This is similar to Christians calling themselves "children of GOD".) The NT is clear that anybody who accepts Jesus as the messiah and follows GOD can be a spiritual "Son of GOD". Muslims accept Jesus as the messiah and follow GOD. There is no contradiction here, at least for Muslims scholars and Muslims well versed in the Koran and Christianity. The only problem is the Christian belief that "Son of GOD" means that Jesus is "GOD". That is simply not Biblicaly supported, it is a fallacy. But you are free to believe what you feel GOD leading you to believe for "there is no compulsion in religion". **************************************... djmantx, yeah I do know what I am talking about. I have read the Bible from cover to cover, the Koran from cover to cover. I have also read all the material that supports Christianity, all the material that debunks Christianity. I have read all the material that supports the Koran and also that debunks it. My final opinion is this; Satan devides the people of the GOD of Abraham through petty arguments on theology and history. He turns GOD's people against themselves to fight and argue. And he is doing a good job of it, too. The average Muslim and Christian alike have both fallen prey to Satan and have overlooked their shared inheritance from GOD. But again, that is just my opinion. Later. **************************************... I know this might be a shock for you but John 3:16 does not say "begotten Son". Look it up. Make sure you read the whole article. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_3:16 It was an AOG pastor that admited this to me. I was shocked. Also, the so called "fullfilled messianic prophecies" are mostly not even about Jesus. Have you ever read the entire passage of the "He will be called Imanuel" thing? It is obvious that many prophecies have been forced onto Jesus. In all honesty, I don't know how anyone could say that the GOD of the Bible and the Koran are different. Have you ever read the Koran? Have you read the Bible? (I'm sure you have.) Anyway, I pray that GOD will enlighten you and all others to the truth that Satan has hidden. Peace.

Sharona Sharona
As long as you are happy and a good person then go with the spiritual beliefs and the political beliefs that make you feel that way.
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