Who would want to make friends with me?

Who would want to make friends with me? Topic: Example of community case study
July 19, 2019 / By Zebina
Question: Who would want to make friends with me? I am a Chinese, from Xian, is the location of terracotta warriors and horses; There are ancient walls; Want to make friends with you. Let us understand each other of their respective countries and way of life. My name is yuan
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Sidney Sidney | 9 days ago
Wear your beliefs, like on your shirt or using a symbol. That may attract like-minded people who will want to get to know you better. Another way, ask people what they believe and like to do for fun (not at the same time) when they are not busy doing something really complicated, or trying to party, etc. Another way is to create a group meant to talk about certain things or do certain that people from your school or community may be interested in. For example, you can make a Bible Prophecy group, and state pick some verse or passage or subject to talk about that week after class or on a certain day during the week, or a group on a certain game like "Go" and have rewards for people who beat a certain number of players. You can also offer to help students with certain subjects if you are good at one and have the time to, by posting a bulletin somewhere in your school if you have one. You can put some "junk" email that people can use to let you know they want your help in case you get some psychotic spammer. Another way is to attend a church, especially a Bible study. There is always some Christian, at least in a large group, willing to talk to you. And if the teacher is good, you can compliment him for doing a good job. If your town is a boring one, and there is a spot where people tend to hang out when they are bored, I would also go there to get to know them. There was one like that were I used to live.
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Sidney Originally Answered: How to make my friends friends like me?
The answer is not to try and make them like you. It's a universal rule that women like confident men, whether it's for a romantic/sexual partnership, or even just a friendship. Don't reveal your desire to be friendly with them, in fact adopt an attitude of "I just don't care about you". This attitude however is not one of being pretentious or arrogant...confidence is often coupled with these attributes but in truth they are very, very different. The key to improving your image of confidence (which will later build into real confidence once you see the positive after-effects) lies in your body language. (Remember a lot of the time silence speaks louder than words). In order to convey a more confident you through body language, here are a few things for you to keep in mind 24/7... 1. Posture - Always stand up straight and tall. (Don't slouch!) 2. Line of sight - Always face the direction in which your body is standing, forward. Minimize turning your head to see your surroundings. If you need to look at something, or someone, move your eyes while maintaining a fixated head position. If you are facing someone else, it is vital that you maintain eye contact. DO NOT look anywhere but into the other person's eyes, especially if you are talking to them, or they are talking to you. Remember the eyes are the windows to the soul, and by peering into ones soul you assert power over them. 3. The four C's of Speech - Always speak in a Calm, Collected, Clear and Concise manner. This doesn't mean talk incredibly slow as if you have a speech impediment, but if you speak too fast all that will come out of your mouth is nonsensical gibberish that screams "I'm not confident enough to take my time and stand my ground!" 4. On the move - When walking always take relatively long strides in a decent pace. The rule of speech can be applied to walking too: Don't walk too slow, but not too fast. However when walking a bit slower than average, it will show that you're not afraid to take the lead and to take your time. But all the while remember to stand up straight when walking! 5. Be sophisticated - These girls are two years older than you, and thus they automatically presume that they're superior to you. By brushing up on your vocabulary and applying it to your everyday speech you will come across as more sophisticated, knowledgeable and mature. (However don't go shoving a Thesaurus down your throat, you'll just come across as a pompous try-hard). 6. Dress the part - Don't dress like your standard 15 year old, but don't doll yourself up like someone in their 20s, aim to dress like a 17 or 18 year old. A few tips would be to wear a pair of skinny or slim fit jeans with a deep V neck tee, and over it wear a casual waistcoat, or a casual shirt. You can decide the colours for yourself but avoid intensely bright colours as they'll just make you look like a child. By wearing different shades of black, grey and white, in addition to darker colours such as burgundy, forest green and ultramarine, you'll appear much older. But even still, don't over-do the colours even if they are dark. Try to keep just one item of clothing coloured, and the rest the appropriate shades. Have a look on this website, they do some really nice clothes for a reasonable price. http://www.topman.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/TopCategoriesDisplay?storeId=12555&catalogId=33056 In conclusion, I wish you the best of luck in becoming the new, more confident you. Keep me updated as to how things go and how many girls are crawling at your feet ;D
Sidney Originally Answered: How to make my friends friends like me?
I do not know if there may be an reply to this or no longer. I have met with the equal style of humans in my lifestyles. I recognise precisely what you're announcing. IF you discover any individual who fairly knows you, you have a tendency to desire to be with them extra and proportion extra of your lifestyles with that individual. I do not like that drama both. I do not invite the entire different humans to be with me since they're harping approximately the arena or another factor whilst I am no longer capable to get out so much and I desire to have a well time or I desire to visit the library after they desire to move searching . I like quiet and so they like plenty of drama happening of their lives. We are one-of-a-kind humans It is not that I do not like them, we're simply one-of-a-kind humans.IF you try to inform them, they'll best turn out to be butt harm, and so, I simply attempt to find time for them whilst I can and make it distinctive and allow them to recognise that they're distinctive to me for the entire matters they do and are in my lifestyles, after which I return to being me. That is the first-class means I can let you know to do matters. But do make a distinctive time for them, an hour that you simply commit to simply them, every of them. It is a agony within the patooty in many instances, however it's valued at it in the end. It enables them to suppose distinctive and it means that you can off the hook. Make a distinctive day only for the opposite peers. (smiles) Then, although it takes an afternoon clear of you and the pal that has such a lot in typical with you, it's valued at it for those who have got to widen you horizons. (smiles) Sharon

Oli Oli
hi yuan, i'm jessica...just give you a smile in your yahoo! 360 page... I'm a chinese from Malaysia...if you interested to be my friend, you can always add me in your friends' list but before that please fill up your profile...by that you will know that you can find more friends in yahoo360!!! best of luck yuan...wish ya a happy day!
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Oli Originally Answered: How can I make more guy friends?
I know exactly the type of person you are, since most of my friends are artsy types of people. I would suggest that when you're in class, talk a little more with the guys in your class. Like, if you have a group project, contribute a little more. And for homework, ask some clarification questions to these guys (like, "so, the math homework is only evens?") Hope that helps! And don't worry too much. Enjoy your friends, because next year in high school, you will meet a lot more people, and I guarantee you that you will find other art people too!
Oli Originally Answered: How can I make more guy friends?
it relatively is like asking why does the sunlight arise interior the morning, various adult adult males do this .An previous lady as quickly as mentioned to me there is not any in simple terms buddy deliver between a guy and lady, and that's very virtually constantly the case. in case you do not choose for that to ensue in simple terms save him at hands length.

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