With no way to remove incorrect answers, how credible do you believe Yahoo Answers is?

With no way to remove incorrect answers, how credible do you believe Yahoo Answers is? Topic: dissertation report
June 17, 2019 / By Savannah
Question: The only button Yahoo seems to have put in place is the "report abuse" button, which is NOT to be used to report incorrect answers. If one attempts to use the button for that purpose, no action is taken and the incorrect info is left in place. This is not about someone making an error in their answer, noticing it and wanting to edit it. It is about people who post incorrect info, doing it to be funny, or who have no awareness that they're wrong and it being selected as a "best" answer.
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Best Answers: With no way to remove incorrect answers, how credible do you believe Yahoo Answers is?

Norene Norene | 4 days ago
Well, truth is you'd have to take it one answer at a time not measure the whole. There are some answers that are right on the money, while others are dead wrong or answers just to gain points and have nothing to do with the question. So just in that last sentence I have it a 30% rating, and well, that might be fair, though not representative of all questions. Another thing to consider is that best answers may be chosen even if they are wrong because the questioner liked what he heard whether right or not, and the answers voters choose as best rarely take accuracy into account and are merely chosen by the answerer again to gain points, or uninformed people picking an answer that's fun. I think it would probably be fair to compare YA to baseball - you've got a good player when the batting average is over .300. Those players have unsuccessful at bats about 65-70% of the time. They are still great players, and that's about where I'd place YA - sometimes you hit it out of the park and sometimes you strike out.
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Norene Originally Answered: Why does Yahoo Answers only remove some racist answers and not others when you report them?
I can't answer directly for Yahoo, or other information and community sites, but I do have an opinion. One is that perhaps Yahoo just isn't getting much feedback on all the racist comments which are made. I also see them once in a while and report them. Two is the fact that there are many thousands of comments made daily here and without a word filter, these things have to be investigated individually and that takes manpower and time. Three, it could be that some comments, while containing racial epithets or being about race in general may be offensive to some, they are not necessarily "racist." To give an innocuous example I could make three statements: 1) Ladybugs suck, they stink and should all be exterminated. 2) I heard on the news today that ladybugs suck, stink and should be exterminated. 3) My opinion is that ladybugs suck, stink and should be eliminated because they eat my friends who are aphids, produce feces and upset the ecological balance in my natural garden. While they all hit on a racist topic (using ladybugs as a harmless example, except to any ladybugs out there) - the context of each shows that only the first is truly racist. The other two are conjecture, hearsay or an opinion using rational thought to draw a conclusion & make a point. Just some thoughts on what may be going on...

Macey Macey
I wouldn't use the word 'credible' to describe something like this. At the end of the day you are the one resposible for posting the answer, you CAN edit answers if you made a mistake. But I mean who would go through the nearly complicated process of clicking "Answer Question" then going on to actually type an answer and then clicking "Preview" and Submit". I believe Y.A gave you enough chances already to correct the small mistake. They even explained this themselves: "Yahoo! does not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any Yahoo! Answers content." Thanks ;]
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Kelly Kelly
It is not meant to be credible, just another avenue of getting INPUT: "Yahoo! does not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any Yahoo! Answers content. "
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Isabelle Isabelle
bias is not credible......alot of questions and also answers that are very valid often are reported.....especially when it comes to illegal mexicans or anchor babies or closing the border .....
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For a start change your password for the and then write to the answers team and remove the, most the URLs of the answers. Answers Team Write to: [email protected] Copy and paste the address. Notice the missing e

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