My cat can't eat dry food?

My cat can't eat dry food? Topic: Case shop stools
July 17, 2019 / By Kaylee
Question: My cat's 3 years old. She's an Egyptian Mau. She never had problem eating dry food until recently. Few weeks ago, she got really sick and so we went to the vet and gave her medication and she got better. She was able to eat dry food well afterwards. Then she stopped all of a sudden. She would eat it but it's like she's unable to chew and swallow it...She would try couple times and then give up. Right now, I add a little bit of water and she is able to eat a few. I'm thinking she has the allergies...although the vet doesn't say much (useless son of a *****)...Also I think my cat's constipated cause she doesn't seem to poop properly...like I would find a really small dense poop in her litter box. Anyways, it really hasn't been long since I took her to the vet and the vet's ******* useless...I should probably switch vets but anyhow, is there a way to get her to eat dry food? (She likes wet food but wet food = teeth problems so I'm trying to get her to eat dry food) Oh, and apparently, she won't even touch the bowl if I add "too much" water....this picky cat... :( she didn't use to be like this...
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Hortense Hortense | 7 days ago
Wet food's a great option. It has more meaty protein, more water, less carbs..perfect for a cat :) But the fact that her eating habits have changed a lot can be an indicator that something's up. Allergies are not likely but if she's congested, maybe she's not smelling the dry food well. Wet food tends to smell better and can sometimes tempt them when they're congested. Perhaps she has decided she does not like that food. Or perhaps something's going on in her mouth that's a little painful and she doesn't want to chew or have the hard pieces in her mouth. I would get a second opinion if she's choosing not to eat any dry food and she's always liked it. As for the stool.. small dense poop is not necessarily a problem. If she poops regularly every 1-2 days or so, I'd not worry. If she's eating less she'll have smaller poop. If she's eating canned food with less filler, she'll have smaller poop. If she's straining or not pooping that often, then she may be constipated. In this case add a little extra water or maybe some canned pumpkin to her wet food and see if that helps. If it doesn't help, that's another thing to chat with the vet about. PS - if you go vet shopping, ask friends, co-workers, and relatives in your area for recommendations. I've found a couple of really great vets this way. It's important to be able to trust your vet and get along well with your vet so you feel comfortable asking questions and feel like you're getting reasonable answers. Some vets are great but if you don't feel comfortable with them, it may not matter how good they are.
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Edith Edith
Then that is one stupid vet. If you could I woukd check with another vet as well. It would seem she shouldn't have difficulty eating dry food at all. My cats are four years and they eat perfectly fine. Have you looked into the genetic diseases purebreds seem to have? That could be a problem too If her parents had something. Or have you given her a new brand of dry food? A different flavor? I know when we switched litter on my cat she didn't use it at all. So I you changed recently you should see if changing it back would work. But otherwise I don't know how to help you. Those would really be the only to things that I can think of that woukd push her away from dry food. Good luck!
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Charita Charita
mix the wet food in with the dry biscuits. This is what we did with our kitten. Also, she use to put pieces of her food into her water bowel so it softened and this was something suggested by the vets too. You are right, dry food is better for the teeth but make sure she has plenty of water too. Has the vets checked her teeth? My cat had one missing and we did not even realise, she use to struggle with the biscuits too. All cats are funny with water, they like to see it 'moving' or being poured. Each of my two cats drinks out of each others bowel or our pond. Try filling it up when she is there so she can see it is new...
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Antonia Antonia
Hello, You need to add wet cat food to her diet. Cats are carnivores and cannot survive healthily off of just dry cat food forever. Ibhave never heard of wet cat food causing problems. If a vet told you that, them he's wrong. Rather than switching vets, you should try switching her dry cat food for something else (maybe something organic?). Good luck! :)
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Zackary Zackary
Wet food does not equal dental problems. You need a vet to check the cat over. A cat cannot go longer than 3 days without eating or it becomes a big big deal. You want it to eat, give it anything that will make her eat.
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