Is there an iPad smart cover case for iPhone?

Is there an iPad smart cover case for iPhone? Topic: Ipad case sizes
July 15, 2019 / By Cilla
Question: I like the iPad smart cover case and wanted one on my iPhone. I know the screen won't turn off when i put the cover, but i like the design. Is there case like it which covers the more or less the entire iPhone 5?
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Azure Azure | 3 days ago
iPod cases for you to browse and customize. Thousands of styles and sizes for you to choose from. Awesome sports themes, music themes, designer iPod cases, and personalized cases, too! You can even make your own custom iPod Nano, Touch or any kind of case and have it made for you.
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Azure Originally Answered: You're iPad 2 with a smart cover experience in a backpack?
The front might be protected but not the back because the apple smart cover simply snaps onto the front screen. If you are going with the apple smart cover then go with a nice sleeve. Else go with thin cases that over full protection AND comes with a smart cover such as the Duvet or Shocking collection. Check the following store they have a whole bunch - including sleeves or full smart cover ones - i personally have the Duvet one which i carry in my bag or by itself as it has a strap and works as a smartcover as well! http://www.acekard.ca/iPad-Accessories_c_21.html Hope this helps Thanks

Abital Abital
Its not a smart cover, but buy an Otter Box. They are pretty much indestructible. My girlfriend had her iphone ran over by a car and there was absolutely no damage at all. Not even a cracked screen. Its worth it. The cases are around forty dollars
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Swithun Swithun
Don't follow what Joey said. Otterboxes are different from smart cover/case. And yes you can get smart cover/cases for your iphone also. You can get them at various stores on-line such as eBay, Amazon etc. Below is a link to some on amazon online store http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=as_l...
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Patrick Patrick
evaluate the size of your cellular with an iphone4 and in the adventure that they seem to be a similar length, then you've been scammed. The iphone5 is truly taller than the iphone4 so once you cellular telephone is taller than an iphone4 then you're solid, yet at the same time as this is not then you've a prob
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Patrick Originally Answered: What is the best iPad 2 Cover/Case?
hello, you can check it out here: it's a ipad 2 leather case with bluetooth keyboard, wish will help you. http://www.eiphoneaccessories.com/ipad-2-leather-case-with-bluetooth-keyboard.html

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