Legislative Bill writing? (drunk driving bill)?

Legislative Bill writing? (drunk driving bill)? Topic: How to write a summary give example
June 26, 2019 / By Eldwin
Question: Okay, so I'm writing a legislative bill to be passed (not in real life) but I don't know exactly how to phrase it. Its kind of like a one sentence summary of what the bill is. For example: "AN ACT TO: Require all public school systems in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to have in place boys and girls intramural athletics programs at the high school level." or "AN ACT TO: Mandate the removal of all mascots/an or team names in public high school within Massachusetts that are in any way deemed to any part of the Native American/American Indian culture, unless given a tribe sanction for it's use" My bill is about Drunk Driving. The law would turn the crime of DUI into a felony (rather than a misdemeanor as it now is) on the second offense. Can anyone please phrase that for me? Thanks!
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Originally Answered: I just started an online business. Can I write off my internet bill and cell phone bill on taxes since they ar?
Drop the civil rights crap. They weren't violated. The FDCP applies to third party collection agencies, not to the primary creditor. You can dispute the bill with the ambulance company, but they can still send it to a collection agency. Yes, they can do whatever they want with the debt - keep it and continue to try and collect or forward it to a debt collection agency. Bill disputes through the credit bureaus are different. They just forward the dispute to the original creditor or collection agency. Once verified, it reappears on your profile. It appears your only option is to continue to dispute the bill.
Originally Answered: I just started an online business. Can I write off my internet bill and cell phone bill on taxes since they ar?
Yes, they can sell your account to a collection agency. Also, your "civil rights" have not be violated, I think you are reaching there. When you say you were "sober" what does that have to do with being put in the back of an ambulance? Obviously, you were injured, not acting right or something else that would have had them worried enough to cart you off. People who are not injured or are deemed to be in complete control of their faculties are not forced to go to the hospital. Your *dispute* means nothing. When you say the ambulance company "knows" you disputed the bill, that is your word against theirs since you didn't create a paper trail by sending certified letters or recording phone conversations. All they have to say is, "We have no idea where they got the idea we were aware they didn't agree with this bill.." If it is on your credit, which, will happen if they did indeed sell it off to a collection agency, is to dispute it with whatever credit bureau they are reporting to. The bottom line here, is, in the ambulances eyes, you received a service (albeit pretty bloated.. $2300? LOL) and they want to be compensated. They are fully within their rights to sell your balance off to a collection agency if they feel they cannot chase you down for payment.

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