Why do Stupid Answers on Yahoo Answers Get Best Answer?

Why do Stupid Answers on Yahoo Answers Get Best Answer? Topic: Best writing service
June 24, 2019 / By Pacey
Question: It's one thing to refuse to answer a terrible question on here, but it's another to pore ones life experiences and guidance into an answer only to find the dumbest and most simplistic response is the one chosen. I can understand that a response doesn't need your life story, and I've never offered mine, but I do put thought and support into my responses only to find the half wit answers to be the ones picked. I once wrote a paragraph about a hot topic, that agreed with the poster, but yet the guy that responded " yes" was voted best answer. It wouldn't bother me if this didn't happen so often. I think there should be two separate answer services. One that specialized in extensive questions and extensive answers, and another for the people looking for quick and unsupported answers. The one that really bugged me was one I answered today regarding why we watch movies. Being a filmmaker that has gone to film school, I can tell you that it's much more than entertainment. So, I wrote three sentences to try to explain in simplistic terms why we flock to the cinema. The best answer was "entertainment". Seriously? Does anyone else get annoyed by this? Or have I just had bad luck with the questions I've chosen to answer? Any personal stories?
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Linden Linden | 2 days ago
Sometimes the asker is just asking a question for the sake of asking. So writing an 'in depth' answer is a waste of time, and the asker just chooses something like 'awesome' as the best answer. When you read the askers comments you realise that they are very childish and you have spent time giving a proper answer for nothing and will never appreciate your answer. It is just one of the things that happens on this site so we have to put up with it. I answered a question in the history category, the answer was correct and well written and I was given the best answer, but the comments from the asker were 'your dumb'! Okay I may be dumb sometimes but I knew the answer to their question and they did not, so why give me best answer!!! Best to ignore these type of answers etc and just move on, there are plenty of other users who do appreciate good/correct answers to their questions.
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Linden Originally Answered: Am I the only one who thinks that Yahoo Answers's Taboo is stupid?
Good point...many people do come here to air things out...though, some people get TOO personal, to the point of almost using the forum to be vulgar or crude...I am not saying that you did, because I have seen people get violated for some of the most innocent ridiculous things as most people will tell you. But they have their rules, and although we might not like them..we just have to learn them better.....

Jareth Jareth
It is a thing you have to learn and that is judging how met effort an answer is worth going into. You should be able to recognize by the tone of the question if the poster is looking for a quick answer or something with some depth. I would suggest you keep them concise and to the point and don't write out your whole life story, only the bit that are relevant.
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Freddy Freddy
Because the asker of the question seldom chooses the best answer themselves, it rolls over into membership voting, where the race goes not to the swift, but the crafty, who can forge together enough of an alliance to secure the victor, regardless of the quality of the reply.
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Delaia Delaia
Some people are so idiotic & have no lives that they decide to write stupid pointless questions. Whats even more stupid is when people answer questions that have nothing to do with the topic at all. Most of these people are grown *** human beings let me add. Our generation sucks.
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Barzilai Barzilai
mmhmm. yet whilst they never get obtainable, they'll never get authentic factors. in any case, a minimum of they are in a position to't bypass out and purchase something with the criteria. they are in a position to purely brag. and who desires to pay attention some loser brag approximately factors they have been given by technique of ust asserting; hi! or something stupid like that. that is no longer our fault, that is theres. lolz. 'kay, i desire that wasn't qualified as a stupid answer. sturdy question tho, have a megastar.
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Barzilai Originally Answered: Yahoo Answers shouldn't be answering, there's too many stupid people. Do you agree?
I've noticed that also. People ask can you give them the lyrics to a song because they are too lazy to look it up themselves. Or the ones that obviously want you to do their homework for them and surprisingly enough, there are folks who give them the answer. Or the ones who want your advice on what to do when their animal or themselves is seriously hurt. Duh, go to the hospital!! Some people just have no excuse for their idiocy.

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