Computer problem, it's turning off?

Computer problem, it's turning off? Topic: Computer case spacers
June 26, 2019 / By Aneta
Question: Hey, we just built a computer using parts of Newegg.com, so everything is brand new. The computer turns on, but after 10 seconds or so it turns off again. The fan for the processor doesnt turn on until about 4-5 seconds after it turns on. We also just bought some thermal paste and tried that and it was on for a couple seconds longer, but nothing more. We think it may be the processor but are unsure. The processor isn't new as we are still waiting for the one we bought to ship. The power supply is 650w, but we aren't sure if thats enough as we are using a 8800GT. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
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Wilbur Wilbur | 4 days ago
You put a processor in without any thermal paste??? Intel's can take it for a little bit, (Not recommended!), AMD's will burn up in a heartbeat! The 650 watt Psu should be sufficient. When you put this together, did you put the driver disk that comes with the mobo, (Motherboard), in? System won't operate until you do. Did you build this computer on a table, and wear an ESD wriststrap, or touch the metal frame of the computer case repeatedly, as you were building the computer? (Sorry about the run-on!) If you weren't wearing an ESD,(ElectroStatic Discharge), wriststrap, you should touch the metal frame of the computer case, Before: 1.You take those delicate computer parts out of their anti-static bags. 2.You take the processor out of the old computer, and again before you install it. 3.After you get up, and walk away, then return to your computer build. (Doesn't fall in the before category, but I put it in here anyway! lol!) DON'T build it directly on a carpet floor, your bed, or the couch! (Hey, sum people do! "Hmmm, wonder why it won't work!") When you installed the mobo. Did you eyeball the standoffs,( Also referred to as Spacers. Generally hex shaped brass pieces with a threaded stud on one end, and a threaded hole on the other.), and see if ALL of them lined up with the corresponding holes in the mobo? Just ONE standoff in the wrong place can short out your mobo! It may touch a exposed solder joint on the bottom side. If this is so, you may be lucky, and just move it to where it goes,and your mobo may be alright. Does your mobo require fiber washers in-between the standoff's and the holes in the mobo? Sum do, sum don't. Check your Motherboard Manual. GENERAL Rule of Thumb is, if the mobo's holes have a metal ring around them, no fiber washers. No metal ring? Fiber washers. This will definitely keep your computer from running. If you're not sure, or don't remember, remove everything, start over. Is this an Intel processor? Did you plug the four pin power supply cable from the power supply to the motherboard? In the appropriate spot? This is power for the Intel processor. Are you sure the processor heatsink is seated correctly? If the heatsink isn't detected by your BIOS program, it won't let the processor run. There's a Fail-Safe option built-in that shuts the processor off, (Or in this case won't let it run), so that the processor doesn't burn up.The heatsink makes a ground, that BIOS reads. No ground, or a bad one? Ain't happenin' today! The top of the processor, and the bottom of the heatsink have microscopic imperfections you can't see with the naked eye. Thermal paste fills these imperfections, and helps transfer heat. Again, an Intel processor will take this for a little bit,(But then, if it's an old one?), an AMD won't! Takes about 30 seconds and then bye-bye AMD processor! After you de-static yourself did you remove all of the old thermal paste, from the top of the processor, and the bottom of the heatsink?, (If applicable. If not a new heatsink.) Take some Q-tips, and some rubbing alcohol, and wipe it clean? Be sure that both surfaces were dry, before you put the new thermal paste on the top of the processor? (Rubbin alcohol, or Isopropyl alcohol is composed of 50% alcohol and 50% water, unless you have the 70/30% version. Water takes time to dry, and these surfaces need to be dry, and free of water.(Same thing with the 70/30 version too.) The power supply. Old one or new one? An old one, with a layer of dust/dirt/animal hair/people hair/carpet deodorizer, etc., is looking to buy another computer system again. Just because a power supply is new doesn't mean it isn't defective either. Things happen! Once in a blue moon you get a bad one. If it came with the computer case, and the price was pretty cheap, or if it was just a cheap one to begin with, the possibility of this goes WAY up! (Sounds crude, but this works. Pick the power supply up. Does it feel light? Case looks like a tin can, someone bent into a power supply case? Good power supplies use heavier gauge copper wire, and the components inside are of a higher quality. Makes the Psu heavier. (Power Supply Unit) Capacitors are from Japan. Edit: Are you sure the ram stick/s are seated, and correctly? New motherboards have tight ram slots, and new ram is difficult to install. (Sometimes) You didn't indicate that BIOS beeped a BIOS Code at you, indicating it didn't read any ram memory, but this should be checked also. Just takes a coupla' minutes to take them out, and re-seat them. I install the ram with my fingers, supporting the motherboard underneath the ram slot/s. I also install the processor and heatsink/fan combo, then put this into the computer case. This way you can eyeball everything from a 'birds-eye' point of view, and be assured.
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Sanford Sanford
The only time I have seen this is when someone had kicked the switch on the case and bent it. Try looking for that, on removing the front panel it released it and it was working again. Think about it to turn the box off you hold in the button for around 8 seconds
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Nat Nat
Honestly, I'd have to wager a guess that your processor is overheating. Thermal paste doesn't prevent that: a functional fan does. It should come on as soon as you hit that power button.
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Kermit Kermit
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